Euroa Butter Factory Wedding from Love Katie & Sarah
August 22, 2012
By: Jacey
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This may quite possibly be the coolest couple I've never met! Taking great hospitality to a new level, this duo took over the Euroa Butter Factory making it their own with original DIY floral arrangements, rare vintage finds and even graffiti {naughty!}. After reading the bride's words below, I feel like we could grab a cup of coffee and browse through her incredible images by Love Katie & Sarah over & over again. Check out the full gallery here!

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From the Bride... The inspiration behind our day was really trying just to create a special space where we could relax and celebrate with our family and friends. Andy and I have both worked in hospitality for many years — we actually met working in a bar together and now we're opening our own bar (shameless plug: The Alehouse Project in Brunswick!). :) We've seen so many events and weddings that all look and feel the same, so the important thing for us was having a day that really reflected our personalities. We like to be a little bit quirky and are inspired by anything rustic and vintage.  I've recently changed careers to become a florist, so flowers were an important detail to me — when I'm among flowers I'm relaxed and happy. Andy's big passion is craft beers, so he was happy to be able to introduce our guests to a locally-brewed beer that he likes.

Number one on our dream list when looking for a venue was finding somewhere which would let us do a lot of DIY decorating. The Butter Factory was so great and let us take over the venue a couple of days before the wedding so there was so little stress getting everything done. We had family and friends arriving all the time to help out, and it was such a wonderful couple of days. My sister, mum and I spent a lot of time going up and down ladders hanging all of the moss balls and cork oak branches in the reception room; my dad made beautiful framed chalkboards for us and signage for our the front; Andy and the groomsmen finished off pasting all of the old book pages together to create the giant table runners and photo booth backdrop, and unbeknownst to me - they were also sneaking out to find the perfect place for our photos. I didn't know until our wonderful photographers Katie and Sarah led us off to get our photos together, but Andy and the groomsmen might have been a little bit naughty and graffitied our initials under a bridge as a surprise for me. It was naughty of them but also really beautiful! My bridesmaids helped me create all the bunting that was hung in the trees above where we had our ceremony. We had a big sewing bee for my bachelorette party before moving on to the more traditional bars and restaurants, and hanging it up and walking under it felt like a great big supportive hug from all my favorite ladies! We also stitched up little glassine paper pockets filled with Ecofetti with "After we kiss, shower us with this" printed on the front for at the end of the ceremony, and we made directional signs to help guests find their way to the Butter Factory from the highway.

We found my dress by pure chance on a sale rack at the end of a long day's shopping trip. I began looking for "the" dress with such a specific idea in mind, but when I started trying them on, I found that none of the styles I had my heart set on really felt right. We found some absolutely beautiful dresses, but the dress I ended up was a complete surprise, and we only found it after I had given up. It wasn't a big name designer and was off the rack, but it felt perfect! A family friend also did an amazing job altering it to fit me perfectly. I was concerned about making sure that our wedding was a fair celebration of both of us and our relationship, not just me creating MY perfect day! I consulted Andy about everything, but halfway through organizing the big day, Andy admitted that when he imagined his wedding he always thought it would be barefoot on a beach somewhere... At this point it was too late to change the venue to a beach, but I resolved that he'd definitely have his barefoot bride! When I got to the start of the aisle, I kicked my shoes off and finished my procession sans shoes much to the delight (and confusion to some) of our guests! I think that helped set the mood a little bit. Our worst nightmare was a formal and stuffy ceremony, so getting everyone laughing early in the day felt really good. Andy's grandfather has made breakfast in bed for his wife every day since they were married. Inspired by this Andy has always tried to make sure he spoils me with breakfast in bed whenever he can too — he even vowed to continue it in our wedding vows! As it means so much to us, we created a "brunch in bed" pack for all of our guests as our favors. We put together pancake mix; fresh, locally-sourced fruit; our favorite tea and coffee; a locally-sourced honey drink and some water bottles with personalized labels.

Wedding Photography: Love Katie & Sarah /  Wedding Venue: Euroa Butter Factory in Euroa, Victoria / Bouquets + Boutonnieres: Jaclyn Roma / Reception Flowers: DIY / Cake Topper: Better Off Wed / Embroidery Hoop Decor: Initially Hooped / Moss Balls, Cork Branches, Framed Chalkboards, Signs, Table Runners, Photo Booth Backdrop, Bunting, Ecofetti Envelopes: DIY / Band: Baker Boys / Hair + Makeup: Jessica Kramp