Boston Engagement Session from Deborah Zoe Photography
August 17, 2012
New England

Lovely and classic, with the spotlight on the newlyweds! I absolutely love engagement shoots that focus on the couple without too much distraction in the background, and this shoot is no exception. And who knew that an empty concrete parking lot would make such a spectacular setting? Kudos to Deborah Zoe Photography for creatively turning challenging weather conditions into the perfect backdrop. Click here for the full gallery of images.

From Deborah Zoe Photography... Jon and Emma looked to me for guidance when it came to the specific locations for their Boston engagement session. "Show us your Boston," they told me. A photographer's dream come true, I thought, and I got to work thinking of all the wonderful and fabulous locations that I would show them. But as the weekend neared, the weather took a turn for the worse. Suddenly, my grand ideas and secret spots flew out the window. It would turn out to be an afternoon of extremes and nothing that I expected!

First, we battled the heat. The sun was BRIGHT and the humidity was HIGH. We tried to find shade the best we could and made the best of what the weather dealt us. Though we were dying in the oppressive heat, secretly, I was overjoyed it wasn't raining. I showed Emma and Jon around Copley Square and Trinity Church. After an outfit change, I brought my couple to the Boston Public Library. But as they were quickly changing in the bathroom, a security guard began yelling for everyone to get out because the library was closing. As we (and many others) were hurried out of the library, we were met with a gruesome-looking sky. In a matter of minutes, the weather had turned from hot and humid to dark and stormy. Thunder and lightning filled the sky, and we ran for cover. Only to find ourselves, and many others, seeking shelter in the beautiful, but now crowded Fairmont Copley Plaza. We sneaked around for a few photos and then decided to make the rainy trek back to the parking garage.


A church, a closed library, a hotel and a parking garage. That is my Boston. And while the conditions weren't perfect, we made it work. Emma and Jon rolled with the punches (and the weather) and made even a dimly-lit, gloomy parking garage look fabulous.

Photography: Deborah Zoe Photography / Location: Boston, Massachusetts