Baking + Picnic Engagement Session from Jessica Williams Studio
August 16, 2012

It is easy to recognize the ever-frequent utterances of "oops," "sorry," and "excuse me" heard throughout all newlyweds' kitchens that so accurately explain those first few months of marriage. This couple decided to use the kitchen as their backdrop as they baked "save-the-date cookies" for this simply sweet and utterly adorable engagement shoot from Jessica Williams Studio. While baking some seriously delicious-looking confections, these two cuties also conjured up one of the most charming engagement shoots. Click here for even more darling photos.

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From Jessica Williams Studio... Meet Laura and Eric, high school sweethearts that are promised to marry each other in May of 2013. When Laura contacted me about working with them, she said she wanted to "do something" during her engagement shoot but wasn't quite sold on what she wanted that "something" to be. After we discussed a few ideas, she decided that she wanted to bake "save-the-date cookies" and plan a sweet picnic together afterwards. Laura loves baking, and Eric has learned a lot from her over their years together — the two seemed to flow perfectly together throughout the kitchen. Laura was prepared for this shoot doing what she referred to as "tapping into her inner Martha," and Eric seemed to know what steps came next without having to be so much as nudged. I think a couple who can cook together with that kind of smoothness is headed for a long life of happiness. 

For the wedding, Laura and Eric have expressed they want their colors to be the colors of berries, as they both very much like berries. Fitting for such good bakers! I suggested that for the picnic, we take some berries along with us to help incorporate their desired theme. Everything was perfectly planned ... then we got the weather report. Much to our dismay, the high for the day of the shoot was 108 in Georgia, a record-breaking high temperature. Laura and Eric were troopers and stuck it out in the heat and we pulled off what I think is a beautifully romantic picnic. You'd never guess it was 108 out, would you?!

I cannot wait to shoot their wedding this coming spring. Here's to a long, happy life for Laura and Eric!

Photography: Jessica Williams Studio