Local Blog Spotlight
July 10, 2012
It's been a little while since we gave our local lovelies a little love on the main page, and we plan to remedy that right at this very moment. Because boy do they deserve a shout out for all the pretty they produce day in and day out. It's like a worldly tour of wedding gorgeousness served up with a click of your mouse, and that certainly calls for a daily visit. Take this sweet fête featured on SMP Destination by Brittanee Taylor Photography. If this doesn't make you want to pack your bags for the sandy shores, I just don't know what will, and there is soooo much more when that came from!
Gorg right? Of course that is just the tip of the pretty wedding iceberg - the local blogs are overflowing with lovely each and everyday. So do yourself a big ol' favor and schedule some time to stop on by every day. It's does a wedding-obsessed body good.