DIY Woodburned Place Card Tutorial by Event Styling by Shawna Marie
July 4, 2012
DIY Inspired
Before you head out to celebrate the good ol' US of A today, we just had to share a bit of DIY inspiration we couldn't keep from you any longer. It's easy peasy but makes a big impression, and I do believe that is our favorite kind of DIY. It's from the lovely Shawna at Event Styling by Shawna Marie, so you know it's stylish as all get out, and definitely worthy of filing away for your next shindig!


  • A woodburning kit with a variety of tips

  • A pencil

  • Slices of wood

Step 1: Pencil in the name for the place card so you will know that you have enough room. Space the letters out evenly. Use the woodburning tool to burn in the letters. Be very careful because it is really hot. You may want to try practicing on scrap pieces first.

Step 2: Make sure to apply the pressure evenly to get a consistent line. Depending on the set that you have, there are different tips for straight lines and curved lines, so play around with them and find out which one works best for you.

Step 3: Burn around the edges for a finished look.

Photography: Helmutwalker Photography / Design: Event Styling by Shawna Marie