Put your crafting hats on ladies and gents because what we have here is a flag tutorial that is not only majorly adorable for decorating sweet treats on the Fourth but really for any little party or wedding. Whether you stake these puppies in a cupcake or have them gracing your signature cocktails, they are sure to brighten up their surroundings with a festive flair. So get those scrap pieces of fabric ready because Event Styling by Shawna Marie and Helmutwalker Photography are about to school you in all things Fabric Flag and it’s easy peasy goodness.

Scrap pieces of fabric
Masking tape
Mod Podge (Matte Finish)
White or Silver Craft Wire
Wooden Dowel

1. Cut about six inches of wire.
2. Cut the masking tape about the same length as the wire and lay the wire down onto the tape.
3. Tear another strip of tape the same length and cover the wire so that it is sandwiched between both pieces of tape.
4. Cut two pieces of fabric slightly larger than your pieces of tape.

Adorable, right?!? Thank you sweet Shawna for sharing all your DIY goodness with us. Happy Fourth of July you all!

Photography: Helmutwalker Photography / Design: Event Styling by Shawna Marie