Country Chic Engagement Session by Stay Forever Photography
June 25, 2012
We get a tad bit excited about Mondays here on SMP Florida - after two days away from the pretty, we simply can.not.wait to jump back into the week.  And today's dazzling lineup?  Well, it has us seriously happy.  Because not only do we have one VERY gorgeous e-session to share with you, we have a breathtaking wedding, too. And they both happen to star the stunning Jessica of Stay Forever Photography and her dashing beau.  Fabulous, no?  All captured by Jessica's talented partner, Melissa, and filled with L.O.V.E., get ready for one amazing start to the week.  Click here for more e-shoot lovely and then stay tuned for the wedding later today!
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From Melissa of Stay Forever Photography... I’ve known Jess since elementary school, and we’ve grown closer in the past years as we started our own photography business together. We were in the middle of our fall wedding season when Jess and Michael first met at none other than a wedding, but there was something more that seemed to draw them to each other. They became friends, and then slowly, they realized there was something more than a spark… it was more like a wild fire. After spending a few wonderful weeks together, Michael left for Japan where he is currently stationed working for the Navy as a K-9 handler. Jess visited him in March, and then a few months later Michael came home again… this time with something more on his mind. Jess and Michael went to Orlando for a few fun days of riding roller coasters, and he got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of his life with him because she truly had become the most important thing in his life.

One of the first funny stories I can remember about Michael: one day when Jess and I were having on of our usual “Movie Mondays,” Mike texted Jess. She replied that we were working and watching “The Notebook”… you know for “research.” And he replied back with something like “If I’m a bird, you’re a bird” — basically a quote from the movie. After we stopped laughing at the notion that a guy was able to quote this movie, we realized he might just be for real. So it was only fitting that when we were brainstorming fun ideas for their engagement shoot that they chose a “Notebook” theme to best depict their love story's journey.

Photography: Stay Forever Photography