Brooklyn Proposal by Minnow Park + Fred Lee
June 15, 2012
Tri State
Lovelies, you're gonna want to sit down for this's the sweetest, most thoughtful, most creative proposal I've ever seen, and Minnow Park was there to capture every perfect moment. This future groom pulled out all the stops when popping the question to his misses by setting up a makeshift art gallery filled with personal Polaroids and custom art work representing them as a couple.  After all was said and done, the stunning sparkler was simply the icing on the (cup)cake! If you haven't had your fill of engagement heaven, you're in luck - love is overflowing in the full gallery!
Think you couldn't possibly cry one more tear over all of that overwhelming sweetness? Think again. Check out the amazing video of the proposal shot by über talented Fred Lee.

 Click here for the FULL Gallery!

From the Bride: I thought I was joining a small group of friends for a day of painting at our friend’s studio space in Brooklyn. When we arrived at the studio, I opened the door and immediately saw a vase full of paintbrushes and a beautiful display of photos hanging by clothespins (later I learned these were album cover photos of every concert we’ve been to together), lit candles in flower petals and bouquets of flowers including dried arrangements and hydrangea in mason jars. I was instantly cooing at the creative and welcoming set up our friend had arranged for our painting session, but as I opened the door all the way and stepped inside the room expecting to see a handful of friends, I was greeted by the clicking away of a photographer and a videographer.

My ears registered that Temper Trap’s ‘Sweet Disposition’ was playing in the background and I looked around the room to see a wall of poster sized photos of Dave and me along with various pieces of artwork including paintings and dried flower petals on canvas. The room was filled with oversized vases of outstretching cherry blossom branches, flowering quince, willow, jars and metal buckets filled with bouquets of lavender, hydrangea, yarrow, artemisia, on the floor and propped on wooden ladders. Varying sized candles were lit around the room and the lighting was romantic with hanging orbed lights. The middle of the room was divided by a fantastic mobile of hanging polaroids of photos of us. There were old Google chat conversation snippets printed on foam board all around the room reminding us of early chats we had online when we were first getting to know each other. Dave took me around the room ‘curating’ everything there. One wall represented the ‘Seasons of Love’ with pictures and paintings depicting Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

The other side of the room had a large beautiful canvas painting hanging on the wall. Our artist friend Lana Chun, the one who was hosting this ‘painting day,’ created customized paintings for us all over the room. The main piece features a masculine feather-like shape and a smaller feminine and playful complimentary shape that represents us. The painting hung over a dessert table with a bouquet of hydrangea, bucket full of champagne, tiers of cupcakes and cookies.

We sat down on two chairs and the lights were lowered and a video started that was a montage of pictures of us. Towards the end of the video, there was a list of the many dozens of nicknames Dave has for me and led to the next name he’d like to call me ‘his wife’. He was then down on his knee next to me proposing and trying to put the ring on my right hand! After giving him my left hand and lots of crying and hugging, he handed me a small metal pail filled with letters in envelopes. The first couple letters were written individually in unique cards by my parents, siblings and 95 year old grandmother all living in California. The rest of the letters were titled by each of my nicknames from Dave and inside was a cute, humorous and sentimental note about the origin of the nickname and the context in which he likes to call me that name.

Dave set up a video chat for my family to join us, virtually, all over the country from California to New Jersey, I was able to greet all those who couldn’t be there with us. Shortly after, a group of our friends and family came in and they had been hiding downstairs during the proposal. We popped the champagne and dug into the desserts and danced away to the playlist Dave put together of all of our favorite songs, including our song ‘You’re My Best Friend’ by Queen.

Location: C&G Studio / Artist/Illustrator: Lana Chun / Photographer: Minnow Park / Videographer: Fred Lee / Dessert: The Cupcake Land