Central Park Engagement Session by G.E. Masana
May 22, 2012
Tri State
I'm seriously in love with this couple! From the very first gorgeous image by G.E. Masana, you can tell that they are 1.) super-duper in love with one another and 2.) so glad their long distance relationship is finally over! And the sweet sentiment behind where the groom-to-be proposed has given me the chills. Click here for more!

Click here for the FULL engagement session!

From the Bride-to-Be... As undergraduate student athletes, we were champions competing at rival schools. Needless to say, we didn't speak — ever. Our first encounter occurred when I drove from Boston to Albany to pick up my best friend Meghan who was visiting Jonathan with Larry, her then-boyfriend. Jonathan cracked a joke about speeding, and I replied with a smart remark. A few years later, we met again at the Dreams Resort in the Dominican Republic for Meghan and Larry's wedding. During the trip, we took two pictures together and only had a single one-on-one conversation. Jonathan delayed my shuttle to the airport to make sure that he gave me his phone number. From August 12th on, we would talk on the phone for hours every day and began building our relationship as friends. Within a few months we were officially a long distance couple. Sustaining this type of relationship would have its challenges, nonetheless, it forced us to communicate openly and grow, both individually and as a couple. We’d arrange three-day weekends and meet in Albany, NY; Boston and Springfield, MA, every two to three weeks. After two years of long distance, I was accepted to Albany Law School and excited for the move.

From the Groom-to-Be... Before she moved here, I had spoken with both her family and mine to ask for their blessing. Everyone replied with a resounding YES! I custom designed her engagement ring in New York City to symbolize how special she is to me. On August 12, the date of our second anniversary and her moving day, I planned a detour at the state border to propose. The plan was to leave Boston with enough time to see the sun set at the peak of Mt. Summit, located on the border of New York and Massachusetts. But when we got there, we had just enough time to find a campsite before the sun set. I pulled out my pre-written engagement letter and began to read it to her. She started hyperventilating and repeatedly pushed her left hand in my face ... no spoken response. Although she was speechless, we understood what that moment meant for both of us.

From the Couple... Since then, we have transitioned smoothly into this stage of our relationship and have begun planning our wedding. Still over a year away from the actual day, we have already taken engagement pictures in Central Park, New York City (by G.E Masana — AMAZING!). We are to be wed on our anniversary weekend next year.

Photography: G.E. Masana / Location: Central Park in New York, New York