Paris Engagement Session by Summer Street Photography
May 21, 2012

I do believe Paris is the birthplace of pretty. The City of Light is just filled to the brim with beauty, and this lucky duo were lucky enough to meet, fall in love and get engaged walking it's love-filled streets. They were also lucky enough to get their engagement photos taken in this place of pretty by Summer Street Photography, allowing all of us to swoon over every single love-filled image in the full gallery!

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From Summer Street Photography ... Rachel is an American living in Paris, where she got a job after law school. There, she met the love of her life, Jilali, who is French. They worked together, became friends and fell in love. We were able to meet up with them while we were in Paris to capture a glimpse of their lives in together — in the city they met, fell in love and got engaged. We met up with them in the Tuileries Garden, which is right in front of the Louvre and made for a beautiful backdrop. We then made our way to the Pont des Arts, which is a footbridge over the Seine River that has hundreds of love locks on it. Couples come from all over the world and bring a padlock along to lock on the bridge together, and then they throw the key into the water below. Rachel had an adorable lock custom-made with their names and wedding date on it. After we photographed them throwing their key into the water, we jumped down along the Seine for a few shots of the two of them. Then we grabbed a taxi to get some photos of in front of the Eiffel Tower as the sun was setting. We had an amazing time photographing these two and hearing all about their love story. Félicitations Rachel et Jilali!

Photography: Summer Street Photography / Location: Paris, France