Atlanta Wedding at Barnsley Gardens Resort by LibbyPhoto
May 14, 2012
Garden Weddings

Barnsley Gardens Resort is setting the stage this morning for the beautiful wedding of two lovebirds, and I have a feeling you'll be thanking LibbyPhoto by the end of this post for bringing us so much pretty. Ashley Baber Weddings made sure every little detail was covered making for a beautiful day for two beautiful people -  and you can see more of this pretty party in the full gallery of images!

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From the Groom... I knew that I loved Laurine the night she approached me through a crowd to introduce herself. Although we didn't start dating officially for 4 months, I knew I wanted to be with her, and very soon after we started dating, I knew I was going to marry her. I have a bit of a traditional streak within me, so I wanted to ask Laurine's father for his blessing before I "officially" asked her to marry me. The challenge with that was he literally lives on the other side of the planet in Taipei, Taiwan! So I began the process of planning a trip to Taiwan to meet the man who would become my BaBa. I found the ring design and began THAT process, which is it's own special challenge. Laurine is quite picky, so prayer was the key. I trusted Spirit to lead me to the perfect ring for her, and it did! I then made the trip to Taiwan, and met my new family-to-be. My BaBa to be (seemed) to avoid me for almost the whole time I was there, and finally two nights before I left, he made time to have a conversation with me. I am not sure if it was so much of a conversation as an inquisition, which lasted for an hour and a half and was quite intense. But in the end I was given his blessing. My Love for Laurine is unwavering, so I knew nothing was going to stand in the way. No obstacles, just opportunities!

I had been carrying the ring around in my pocket for a week, and I wanted the right opportunity to ask her to marry me! I felt pressured with time, and now it was my last day in Taiwan. Before we went out to spend some time in Taipei, I asked Spirit to show me the right and perfect place to ask her to be my wife. We were at the Chang Hei Shek memorial hall having a conversation sitting on the grass under a tree. She was worried that the time I had spent with BaBa was too much for me and that maybe I was having second thoughts. I told of course I wasn't and she asked if I loved her. I said yes, and asked her if she really needed to know that I loved her. She said yes, and then I asked her again, and she replied louder with another yes this time. I asked her once more, and she practically screamed at me YES! I then dropped to my knee, pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me. She said "Oh my God, are you asking me right now?!" I replied yes, and then she said “Yes, I will marry you! ” Then came the real challenge. Planning a multi-continental wedding in two months. We had family coming from China, Taiwan and Los Angeles! The first few weeks were a lot of fun actually, and then it became stressful. We had Ashley Baber from Ashley Baber weddings as the lead, but we still did a lot. Ashley did an amazing job and was so wonderful on the wedding day that I just can't say how thankful I am for her. I did a lot of the planning and negotiating personally, which was fun. I think that if the IT thing doesn't work out I can be a wedding planner (not really).

From the Bride... How do I even begin to describe Scott and our relationship?! We have great connections, wonderful and authentic communications. He is one I know I will learn and grow with; one has the determination and capability to overcome hardships and create an extraordinary life with me; one who makes my heart swell with love, happiness, innocence, butterflies and laughter; one who Sees me, challenges me to evolve and inspires me to love! I feel grounded, supported, special and very loved when I’m with him. The way Scott treats me and our relationship has made me believing in true love again! My heart is filled with gratitude for the universe to have brought Scott into my life. I am very happy, excited, and grateful to have found such a wonderful partner to be walking the path and spending the rest of my life with! : )

Wedding Photography: LibbyPhoto / Wedding Venue + Catering: Barnsley Gardens Resort in Atlanta, Georgia / Wedding Planning: Ashley Baber of Ashley Baber Weddings / Floral Design: Twelve / Wedding Invitations: Paper Daisies Stationery / Wedding Cake: Baker's Man Inc. / Music: Lou Guzzo of Spectrum Entertainment / Wedding Dress: Sophia (A Wedding Dress Store in Taipei, Taiwan) / Hair + Makeup: The Moore Agency / Groom's Suit: Hugo Boss