Before we even get into how amazing this wedding is (and it’s SUPER amazing), I promise it is not a photo shoot. I had to triple check, because it all just seems so flippin’ fabulous, but each gorgeous image by Desi Baytan Photography is of the real deal. This couple is just that cool. They just have that much unique style, and have friends and family are just that awesome. It’s full of details dreams are made of, so it goes without saying this couple and their fabulous wedding will surely inspire your afternoon! See the whole (real – we promise) shebang here!

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From Desi of Desi Baytan PhotographyJulian, a historical California landmark near San Diego County, was a gold rush town back in the days of the Civil War. While James Madison’s apple seedlings, which were brought up to the mountains, flourished in the clean crisp air and made this town known for its baked apple pies. Think Julian Apple Pie Co. Along these winding roads, the natural scenery of grass and oak encapsulates a sleepy town of 1,500, which also holds a kind of romantic setting you’ve read in fiction from the likes of Louis L’Amour. And more so evident in a place called Meadow View Inn where Cassandra and Koby held their storybook wedding. Though I would sometimes forget the venue I was in because of the attire and decor. Was I in a story, a dream or just a fanciful masquerade ball? Did I fall into a book where steampunk, the roaring ’20s and country western were all balled into one? Nonetheless, I would go back to my photography to capture the fairy tale that was Cassandra and Koby’s wedding, enjoying every bit of detail that was to be but a moment in time.

Wedding Photography: Desi Baytan Photography / Wedding Venue: Julian Meadow View Inn in Julian, California / Floral Design: Elegant Touch Floral Designs / Dessert: Mom ‘n Pops Cake Pops / Hair: Bonnie Norby of The Cutting Edge Hair Salon / Makeup: Marcus Velazco of Perfection