Hawaii Bridal Photo Session by Alea Lovely
April 6, 2012
Beach Weddings
Paradise is frolicking on the beaches of Hawaii with the love of your life and a wildly talented photographer in tow. That wildly talented photographer is Alea Lovely and the images she captured of this couple are unreal. The kind of unreal that we want to print out and slap on our walls as art. Weird? Maybe a little but we're wedding bloggers; it totally comes with the territory. And once you see all the gorgeous images of the day, you just might want to frame them too. See it all right here.

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From Alea of Alea Lovely... Adam and Ally got married a year ago, moved to Hawaii, and after living there for some time, these surfers wanted to do a bridal session before they moved back to the mainland. Surfing is a huge part of their routine almost every day, so being by the water for this shoot was a very important tribute to the ocean they were going to miss so much once they moved back. The necklace Ally is wearing is the necklace that Adam gave her on their wedding day — she never takes it off. We also shot in Waimea Valley, which had some of the amazing banyan trees that grow all over Hawaii.

Photography: Alea Lovely / Location: Oahu, Hawaii