Paris Elopement by Wisner Photo
April 4, 2012

How's this for romantic?!?  A stunning bride and groom, the oh-so-lovely streets of Paris and layers upon layers of flowy goodness in the form of a Pronovias gown that will literally take your breath away. Intrigued?  Well, you most certainly should be, because this captivating City of Lights elopement is all about the sweet L.O.V.E.  And with Wisner Photo filling the gallery with image after image of intimate wedding bliss, trust me, there's not a single moment that isn't downright fabulous.  Click here for more.

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From the Bride... When Josh and I got engaged, it didn’t take long for us to decide that we weren’t interested in having a traditional wedding. We knew that a destination wedding was right for us, and we knew that there was a narrow window of opportunity at the beginning of May that accommodated his work schedule and my school schedule, as I was in my last months of graduate school. One day Josh asked me, “If you could get married anywhere in the world, where would it be?” I quickly replied, “Paris!” It never occurred to me that getting married in Paris would be an actual option, as I was prepared for him to tell me to keep dreaming! We did a little research on the logistics of getting married in France, and decided that it was not only possible, but it was just the right place for us. As much as we wanted our parents and siblings to be present for our day, we felt that it was quite a lot to ask for so many people to travel to Europe on three months notice. We certainly didn’t want anyone to feel obligated to make such a big trip, and the thought of having some family members present and others absent didn’t seem right to us. We knew we were going to have to take an “all or nothing” stance, so we decided to keep it simple, romantic, and private with just the two of us.

One of the most difficult decisions to make, and something that any bride getting married out of the country needs to consider, is the legality of the marriage itself. We learned that our vows in Paris wouldn’t be legal, so we would either have to get married in the US prior to our trip, or get married when we got home. I was determined to wait until we got home to legalize our marriage, as I wanted our private ceremony in Paris to be the first time we took our vows. However, the more I researched officiants, churches, and locations, the more I noticed that most places required your marriage certificate from your home country prior to using their facility. I also realized that finding an officiant was going to be more difficult than I expected. I was running out of time to secure an officiant, and in order to help the process, I conceded that we should get married before our trip. It actually worked out perfectly, as we got married by the Justice of the Peace on Saturday morning with our families present, followed by a sweet brunch and send off, and we left for the airport that afternoon. I ended up finding an American minister to marry us in Paris, but it came down to the last minute — a week before we left for our trip we were still unsure of who would be marrying us!

The day of the wedding was a comedy of errors, but could not have been any more perfect. Our chosen location was under construction, so my husband had to go out the morning of the wedding and scour (public) locations that would be suitable for the ceremony, which was difficult as many of the beautiful landmarks were undergoing repair for the upcoming tourist season. I trusted his judgment, as he had been to Paris several times before, but somehow we ended up exchanging our vows on the sidewalk of a shopping center surrounding a local park! (He swears to this day this it is actually a very famous courtyard.) There were lots of personal touches throughout the day, including my porcelain dog friend “Buster,” who actually belongs to a girlfriend and served as my something borrowed (Buster has traveled the world with many of my friends and it seemed fitting that he make the trip to Paris). I used charms honoring our alma maters, Ole Miss and Baylor, tied to blue ribbon and pinned inside of my dress as my something blue. It was truly the happiest and most fun day of our lives.

Wedding Photography: Cristina Wisner of Wisner Photo / Location: Paris, France / Bouquet: The Photographer's Mother / Wedding Dress: Pronovias