Maui Love Photo Session with Branco Prata by Erich McVey Photography
March 29, 2012

There is no denying that Maui Week on SMP Destination has been pretty spectacular, but this shoot is near and dear to my heart. One because the images you are about to devour below by Erich McVey Photography are just be-yond. Works of art that capture the souls of two gorgeous people. And that brings me to my second reason I am head over heels for these images - these gorgeous people just happen to be the talents behind Branco Prata, the wedding power team of Portugal, and the proof is in the pictures that they are just as gorgeous on the outside as they are on the inside. See it all here!

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From Erich of Erich McVey Photography... I had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Andre and Sophia of the very successful Portuguese wedding photography and design studio Branco Prata, when we all attended Jose Villa's workshop in Mexico last November. Andre is a wedding photographer, and Sophia is a wedding stylist, floral designer, wedding planner, blogger and all-around amazing talent. They are a fantastic team. While spending time with Andre and Sophia in Mexico, their love for each other was overwhelmingly apparent, and their uniqueness and beauty as a couple shined through. I knew I wanted to capture their love in a shoot. Thankfully, I had that chance in January when we all reunited at Jill LaFleur's workshop in Maui. When I found out Andre and Sophia were going to be at Jill's workshop, I immediately got in touch with them and was so excited to find out that they were as thrilled to line up a shoot as I was. We shot at sunset on the beach, using the beautiful rock, sand, and sky as our backdrop. I shot the session on film and love the look and feel of the images.

From Sofia & Andre... I remember that André and I were so excited the first time we talked with Erich about our impromptu shoot. We were all attending Jill La Fleur workshop in Hawaii — at first we laughed when Erich asked if we'd like to do a portrait session with him, but soon we realized Erich was serious about his idea! Being together for almost 2.5 years now and working in the wedding business for so long, it was the first time a photographer did a session with us as a couple! It's so funny being on the other side of the camera, and it's an experience we will treasure for life! It helped us realize how our couples feel when we "shoot" them, but more importantly, we had an incredible time for ourselves as a couple to cuddle, to take a walk down the beach, to watch sunset together... The best part is that now we have beautiful images of our unforgettable time in Hawaii that we will cherish forever! Thank you Erich, for making us feel so special!

Photography: Erich McVey Photography / Location: Maui, Hawaii