Style Me Pretty Georgia Welcomes Our Advertisers!
March 17, 2012
OK, is it bad that I am seriously craving all things dessert pre-9AM on a Saturday? Because thanks to Sift and their works of dessert art, my sweet tooth is telling my brain that it is totally fine. One look below at all the deliciousness and your sweet tooth will be singing the same song - guaranteed. So It goes without saying we couldn't be happier to welcome Sift (and all their yummy treats) to our SMP Georgia family - our site just got that much sweeter!
About Sift... Plenty of things make us unique, but there a couple things that stand out. First, Sift! isn't a bakery. It's a "Dessertery"! We don't just offer cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. We are all about dessert. Everything is from scratch - no exceptions. I enjoy the "WOW!" that comes from giving nostalgic desserts modern flair as well as a whole new look while seamlessly integrating the desserts into a gorgeous table with a beautiful backdrop. Also, we are a dessert delivery company! It works just like pizza, only we bring dessert. We're now offering dessert catering. We offer everything from cake for 1 person to full dessert tables/bars for large events. Nearly all of the Sift! dessert tables are comprised of custom desserts. I love taking old-fashioned desserts and modernizing/revamping them, and my clients love it as well. It allows for a truly personalized table.

Sift! began March of 2010. There is no special story or any odd facts. This is something I've always wanted, and the concept came to me fairly quickly and easily. Once my mind was made up, I set out to make my dream come true. One thing to note, and something I really want to get across to your audience is that I wanted people to not only think dessert without the inevitable thought of cake but dessert when and the way they want it. Thus, the concept of dessert delivery was born.

I'd like to offer $100 off to the first 2 SMP readers that book dessert catering totaling $500 or more!

Welcome to the family Sift! We are thrilled to have you!