DIY Cocktail Umbrella by Lovely Little Details + Bubblerock Studios
March 14, 2012
United States
DIY Inspired
If you are a crafty bride and groom-to-be (and we know you are!), then you are most definitely in for a treat this morning here on SMP California.  Yep, the oh-so-talented Jacin Fitzgerald of Lovely Little Details sent over this darling DIY cocktail umbrella tutorial - and we are loving every last second of handcrafted goodness captured by Bubblerock Studios.  Even better?  You will, too.  So, grab that glue gun and pretty paper (and ready those tropical drinks!) and prepare to get your craft on.  It's going to be SO FUN.

From Jacin Fitzgerald of Lovely Little Details... Cocktail umbrellas have come a long way since days on the beach sitting in mai tais and pina coladas. By spicing things up a bit with pretty paper to match your wedding or event colors, you can add a lovely little detail that is sure to be noticed (and enjoyed) by all. What's not to love about a festive cocktail umbrella? Add a striped straw and a tasty beverage and you've got yourself a party.

Materials Needed:
generic cocktail umbrellas
pretty paper
glue gun
hole punch
glue tape
paper cutter (not necessary, but helpful)

1. Cut your paper into a perfect square, fold in half and cut in to a circle.
2. Using hole punch, make a small hole at the center of the folded circle.
3. Use scissors to cut to the center hole from one side, so you can easily bend the "umbrella" to the size you are looking for.
4. Use your glue tape to secure the "umbrella" shape at the preferred size.
5. Trim the cocktail umbrella so that none of the edges show under your paper umbrella.
6. Apply hot glue with a glue gun to top of cocktail umbrella, and spin to cover the entire circumference.
7. Pop your pretty paper umbrella over the cocktail umbrella, pressing slightly over glue areas for a secure fit.
8. Grab a yummy drink, and enjoy!

Design + Tutorial: Jacin Fitzgerald of Lovely Little Details / Tutorial Video: Steph & Robin Killip of Bubblerock Studios