Palm Beach Picnic Engagement Session by Captured Photography by Jenny
March 12, 2012

Captured Photography by Jenny did it yet again - she sent over the most adorable Florida engagement session so we can spend the start of the week in smiling from ear to ear. It's so sweet I just want to reach out and give this adorable duo a big virtual squeeze. Does it get any more darling? I think not, and there is even more where that came from sitting pretty right here!

Click here for the FULL engagement session!

From Jenny of Captured Photography by Jenny ... Alex and Liz met over a cup a coffee, and that first conversation lasted for hours! It wasn't long before the two of them became inseparable. One of the the ways they love to spend their time together is snuggling (and what better way to do that then with a picnic). Alex also brings Liz flowers randomly, so we added some flowers he recently got her to the shots as well. We picked a giant banyan tree on Palm Beach for our picnic. It really is a beautiful area. Right next to that is the lake trail. And Alex and Liz love to go bike riding together. Alex even installed lights on their bikes so they can ride at night. The lake trail on the island is one of the prettiest places to bike ride. Cool story behind their bikes too: They got them from Jack the Bike Man. The organization restores donated bikes and uses them to impact low-income communities and families.

Photography: Captured Photography by Jenny / Location: Palm Beach, Florida / Bikes: Jack the Bike Man / Sign on Bike: Simple Sparrow Art