Tallahassee Save-the-Date Video + Engagement Session by RisingSky Productions, Inc.
February 29, 2012

We've seen our fair share of charming love stories here on SMP, but this adorable duo and their sweet as can be romance just about takes the cake.  Yep, after knowing each other for THREE YEARS, these two lovebirds happened to sit side by side on a fateful bus ride... and one AMAZING proposal in Doak Campbell Stadium later, the rest is history.  Thankfully, RisingSky Productions, Inc. sent along this gorgeous e-sesson and darling Save-the-Date video for us to spend our day swooning over, because we just HAVE to share in all the L.O.V.E.  Click here for more!

Click here for the engagement session!

And now the cute as can be Save-the-Date video.  SOOOO sweet!

From Sophia and Brandon Hyde of RisingSky Productions, Inc.... Audrey and Riley started dating in February 2011. Riley was a senior at Florida State University and Audrey was a junior, but neither had ever been in a relationship before. It took them two months of "talking" before they were even willing put their guards down enough to open their hearts into a relationship. They both felt they were taking the biggest risk of their lives but knew it was right.

You see, they had known each other for three years because they had been attending the same church together but were each afraid of the other one. Audrey being the loud, rambunctious theater major seemed too much to handle for Riley. And Riley's shyness left Audrey with the impression that the two would never be capable of carrying on a conversation. However, by accident they ended up sitting next to each other on a three-hour bus ride, both thinking, "Oh gosh, this is going to be awkward." But that window of time was exactly what they needed to realize all their preconceived notions of each other were a little off. With the support of many friends around them they embarked into a relationship. Everyone who saw them interacting said it was much more like being around two best friends than it ever looked like a relationship.

While dating in Tallahassee, one of their regular traditions became long walks around campus just talking and catching up on the week's events, often ending up at Doak Campbell Stadium, FSU's football stadium. One night in November, after a stressful rehearsal of Audrey's, the two met up to unwind and go on a stroll. To no surprise, they ended up at the stadium, but Riley had something up his sleeve. One of his brothers was standing at the entrance wearing a bow tie holding a letter. As they walked into the stadium there was a path of friends each holding a letter from Riley to Audrey describing the highlights of their relationship and love for one another. The path was a candlelit journey to the top of the stadium, where her two best friends were standing there holding the final letter which said "Will you marry me?" Riley dropped to one knee, and Audrey said yes. (And then they headed off to a dance party at Riley's apartment with 30+ friends to celebrate.) When planning their save-the-date video, we wanted to include all the special quirks of their relationship. Throughout this film you will see many friends who have played a roll in their relationship, and you will certainly see their personalities come through.

Photography + Cinematography: Sophia and Brandon Hyde of RisingSky Productions, Inc. / Location: Tallahassee, Florida (Mostly on the FSU Campus)