Backyard Mildura Wedding by Melanie Linklater Photography
February 24, 2012

Ladies and gents, get ready to get a bit giddy because this backyard beauty captured by Melanie Linklater Photography is a GUSH-fest. Filled to the brim with the prettiest shades of pink and lush florals galore, it's nearly impossible for your giddy meter to NOT raise a few notches. Impossible. Don't believe me, take a little look below, and to up the giddiness a few more notches - head on over to the full gallery of images!

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From the bride... We really wanted a Spanish festival vibe, mixed with vintage elegance. We wanted to celebrate the fact we were getting married on my parents property where I grew up in the country, but add some delicate, pretty touches with antique china, flowers absolutely everywhere and vintage pieces on display. I loved the idea of having soft, blush-colored bridesmaids' dresses mixed with vibrant, gold, Indian-inspired jewellery, and set off by a lush garden setting and a relaxed, festive atmosphere. I guess you could say the wedding was a fusion of Spanish culture, Moroccan décor and vintage elegance.

Brett says his favourite memory was seeing me for the first time because I was smiling my head off. My favourite memory was dancing at our reception. We were so happy and oblivious to everyone — we are both terrible dancers but absolutely loved every minute of it together.

My advice: Don’t feel silly planning a year in advance — use your time wisely, and be really sure about what you want. Grab a corkboard and pin up all your ideas, pictures and inspiration. You will need all the time you can muster in the last week! Don’t get annoyed if the groom-to-be doesn’t help out as much as you would like! They are guys, so they leave things to the last minute, plus you know what you want anyway! Get all the big things sorted first: cake, dress, bridesmaid dresses, venue, etc. Leave the decorations and small touches until last, and ENJOY IT! Researching wedding blogs can be a real inspiration if you don’t know where to start. The guest list and seating plan are the hardest – stick to what your heart tells you, and stop trying to please everyone. Lastly, don’t overdo the lipgloss! Trust me. I kept reapplying because I was nervous before the ceremony … oops!

Wedding Photography: Melanie Linklater Photography (Owned by the Bride's Cousin) / Wedding Venue: The Bride's Parents' Home in Mildura, Victoria / Flowers: A Gift from a Friend / Catering: Alan Lay Catering / Crockery: The Bride's Mother's Antique China / Chandeliers + Decor: Rose Harvest / Trinkets + Mirrors: Vintage + The Bride's Own / Marquee: Mildura Party Hire / Wedding Cake: Amazing Cakes — Cakes Mildura / Wedding Dress: Pamela Usanto / Bridesmaids' Dresses: Violet & I / Suits: Roger David