Fort Tryon Park Engagement Session by Lauren Gabrielle Photography
January 24, 2012
Tri State
If you've ever seen the movie Up then I'm sure you'll remember exactly how you felt during the first few minutes of the film as you are taken on a journey throughout the main character's life with his one true love, Ellie.  It is one of the most beautiful, lovely, heart-wrenching beginnings to a film I've ever seen and so poignantly describes a relationship from start to finish without so much as a word.  It is the perfect inspiration not only for an engagement shoot but for a marriage as well and it is just what this couple envisioned for both.  The photos taken by Lauren Gabrielle and the whimsical elements the couple incorporated into the session are filled with such joy and sweetness!  See them all in the full gallery!

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From the bride... James and I both loved the movie, “Up” — the deep love between the characters Carl and Ellie, the quiet joy they found in each other, and their simple yet beautiful life together embodies the kind of marriage that James and I (and our beloved puppy, Henry) hope to share. So when it came time for our engagement photos, we wanted to capture some of the whimsical elements of the film as well as the playful and humorous side of our personalities and of our relationship. Our photographer, Lauren, was amazing and braved the cold in Fort Tryon Park in New York for our shoot. We would not have achieved the look we were going for without her and we will forever treasure these images that she captured for us.

P.S. James wants me to add that we do not in fact transport ourselves by balloon or live in a handheld house.

Photography: Lauren Gabrielle / Location: Fort Tryon Park