Fete in France Wedding Planning
January 17, 2012
Do you often visualize yourself twirling in your wedding gown in front of the Eiffle Tower? Have you always dreamed of a destination wedding in France but just don't know how to pull it all off from so far away? Well, my friend, today is your lucky day! Fete in France is your go-to guide for all things weddings AND France. I'm totally convinced that these ladies have the most fabulous jobs in the entire world and they've been at it for over five years, so you know they are total experts at this point. They've created gorgeous weddings in both the heart of Paris and in the countryside. Remember this little beauty? Yup, that was Fete in France!
Both Anne and Nancy are American and also fluent in French so there won't be any awkward language barriers to overcome while planning your special day from across the pond. And they live in France! I know, I told you they have the most amazing jobs ever! They directly source and validate the best vendors in France so you can rest assured that you are getting the best of the best. And when you're big day finally comes, all you need to do is have the time of your life...they'll take care of everything else! Click here for more info and happy planning! xoxo