Santa Barbara Wedding by AndySeo Studio
December 23, 2011

I have a not-so-secret dream of having my very own Santa Barbara destination wedding, so when I first laid my eyes on this stunning San Ysidro Ranch soiree by AndySeo Studio, well... let's just say I was very, very happy.  Trust me, you'll be feeling nothing but pure wedding joy when you take in all of the beauty that is this magical affair.  From the sweet bridesmaid frocks to the romantic blooms (Anemones!) to that beyond stunning lace gown, there is just no place I would rather be than soaking in all of this lovely.  Join me in the gallery for more!











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From AndySeo Studio... This lovely & gorgeous looking couple knew that they were such a blessed couple, pulling everyone's soul and hearts to be connected, creating such a wonderful wedding day with plenty of unique moments and emotions. It almost felt like everyone was under Sommer & David's magic that they are shedding tears of joy and smiled.

I wasn't able to stop thinking about the movie, " Like The Water For Chocolate" in a good way that Tita has this very strong connection to food, making everyone to share Tita's hearts.

I'd like to thank God that I was able to find the most suitable place of my heart and document Sommer & David's wedding like a beautiful love story.

Wedding Photography: AndySeo Studio / Wedding Venue: San Ysidro Ranch / Wedding Coordinator: Tess Greenburg / Event Designer: Dan Radjeski / Musicians: Vincent Zorn / Make-up: Kali Kennedy