NYC Engagement Session by Allan Zepeda
December 20, 2011
Tri State
Allan Zepeda kicks MAJOR photography booty and the proof is in this gorgeous engagement shot at Skylight West  in New York. Light, airy, WILDY GORGEOUS - these are just a few descriptive words that come to mind but above all else, it's a beautiful moment in time between a soon to be family. One that has us poring over every millisecond of its gorgeousness. Care to join in the pretty party? See it all here!

NY Engagement

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New York Engagement 6

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From the Bride-To-Be...We met in Jurmala, Latvia at a music festival called New Wave. (Something similar to Eurovision maybe). We were not performing, we were guests. My best friend introduced us to each other. We spent 4 days in Jurmala, then we didn't see each other for a year. Ilya says it was love at first sight for him. The following year we met there again and then started dating. Had a long distance relationship for a while (I lived in Moscow, Ilya in NY). Then we moved to London together. When I graduated from fashion school in London we decided to move to NY to work and move in together. That was 2 years ago.

On November 6th 2010 he proposed. This was the day of both of our parents anniversary. It was unexpected, very romantic and at  home...The hurricane in the Carribean ruined his plans to propose on Turks and Caicos so we had an amazing weekend after the proposal. It was like a mini honeymoon.

The wedding is in Venice, Italy. Venice was my idea. It's a destination wedding. We don't have relatives there or anything. We just spent a lot of vacations there since we were kids and know the country well and love it too. Italians have good taste for beautiful things, food and wine. And know how to party and enjoy life! It's going to be totally crazy, 350 guests for 3 days. We are building a huge tent on the island of San Clemente. There will be fireworks, artists and our best friends from all over the world! And family of course. Our parents love us a lot and are very excited for us and helpful too.

As for the photo shoot, we hired Allan Zepeda from NYC and for our engagement and wedding photos. We love his style and knew it was a perfect fit for our love and passion. He was so easy to work with. We wanted a studio space so he proposed the idea to have our engagement photos at Skylight West.

Skylight West perfectly fuses the industrial with the glamorous to create a wedding venue that is quintessentially NYC. With views of sunset on the Hudson, the Empire State Building, and a finely finished loft interior, Skylight West customizes each wedding to reflect the inherent aspects of both the couple and the city.

Photography: Allan Zepeda / Event Space: Skylight West / Her Shoes: Christian Louboutin + YSL / HER ATTIRE: Dress: Victoria Beckham / Top: Zara / Jeans: Rag & Bone / HIS ATTIRE: Polo: Ralph Lauren / Vest: Loro Piana / Shirt: Gucci / Jeans: Dolce Gabbana