Save-the-Date Video by JAMS
November 28, 2011
Good morning, SMPers and a happy, happy Monday to you!  The holiday weekend may be officially over, but we are still in a very festive mood here on SMP Georgia... and all because of two uber-adorable lovebirds and one cute as can be Save-the-Date video by JAMS.  Yes, this darling stop motion film will leave you grinning from ear to ear with its delightful soundtrack (which I may or may not have just downloaded) and sweeter than sweet jump roping theme.  Seriously, if this film is any indication, I can't wait to see what these two cuties have in store for their big day.  So, prepare yourselves for a whole lot of awesome and enjoy!

From the Groom... We were about to send out Save The Date postcards and my fiancee Jamie (Savannah, GA native) asked me, “Can't we do something more fun?  More 'us?'” Now, as background, I happen to be a filmmaker who runs a boutique marketing and production company, JAMS.  So, when Jamie asked me if I could do something "creative" - I came up with the idea for a stop-motion music video.  Together, we came up with the story line.  I wrote a script.

The shoot took about six hours.  We edited it.  Then emailed it to our family and friends.  The response was incredibly positive.  It ignited great excitement for our big day and actually has led to couples from as far away as Dubai emailing us to help them make their Save the Date video. The interest and it being the best experience we've had as a couple led us to start our own Save the Date video company called Better Save The Date.

And, for me, the funniest thing about stop-motion animation is that it has the power to make a dorky Jewish guy like me actually look momentarily cool.

Cinematography: JAMS