Capitale Wedding by 4Eyes Photography + Honor Code Visual
November 16, 2011
Tri State

4Eyes Photography is giving us the gift of gorgeous this morning with this stylish soiree at Capitale. Inspired by the couple's love of music and the ballroom scene from the whimsical film The Labyrinth, the evening was filled with masquerade masks and dramatic ballroom design. Mile high candelabras? Yes please. And how much do you love those bridesmaids and their seriously fabulous stockings (and shoes!). It's safe to say that this handsome couple left their mark on each and every element of their wedding design, and you can see even more in the full gallery of images!










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And you can see even more of this stylish soiree thanks to the fabulous wedding film by Honor Code Visual!

From the Bride...Mat and I met at a rock show in NYC. It was to see a performance by the UK band, Razorlight. I happened to have a spare ticket and my friend wanted to bring her friend, so Mat ended up being my plus one. Music has definitely played a big role in our relationship. Most of our courtship revolved around seeing bands play. Mat is originally from Leeds and moved to NYC with his band, The Chevin. I'm originally from Atlanta and moved to NYC to work in the music business and I also host a radio show. When it came time to plan our wedding, the music was really a key element and served as a soundtrack to the entire evening.

After about 8 months of dating and falling in love, Mat whisked me off to the English countryside to meet his family. He took me to visit his 91 year old great Aunt Joyce, who lives in a beautiful home built in the 15th century. We had tea and hot crossed buns by the fireplace, played with the 2 week old baby lambs on her property, and enjoyed a lovely meal his mother prepared. After lunch, he took me to explore her home and as I was admiring a pretty vase, I noticed a ring box hidden inside it. Upon opening the box, I found the most beautiful antique diamond ring I have ever seen. I presumed it was his Aunt's and immediately thoughts raced through my head. I wondered if I could ask Mat to ask his Aunt if he can have the ring one day. Which was promptly followed with the thought: No that's silly, of course I can't ask him to ask that. I wasn't until he dropped to one knee that I realized the ring was for me! I started to cry with happiness and said yes. The best part is that his family knew he was planning to propose, so they were there to celebrate the moment with us.

This may seem out there, but our inspiration was the ballroom scene from the film The Labyrinth starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly. That scene is so rich and lush with the big silver ballgown, the candelabras, all the gothic masks, and the music. I vividly remember as a child running around my backyard pretending I was the main character Sarah and wanting to marry David Bowie. Mat is also a big fan of the movie and visually, the look is exactly what we wanted. Plus, the theme of the movie, (a young woman who goes on a long journey and through the friendships she makes, comes out a better person in the end), also fit with us. In a way, Mat and I both had to make a long journey to find each other and now we're both better for it as well.

We have so many amazing memories from our wedding. The best moment for me was walking down the aisle. I know every bride says that, but now I completely understand why. Weeks before the wedding, I was nervous about being nervous standing in front of our 200 guests. I'm not used to having all eyes on me, that's Mat!  What surprised me is how calm I felt the whole day. Just before walking down the aisle, I did get a little nervous, but as soon as I looked at everyone, I noticed 3 of my friends from London who had flown over an ocean to celebrate our wedding, and that's when it really hit me. Everyone here is someone we know and love and they're so happy for us. It's the most amazing and blessed feeling I've ever experienced. I highly recommend it!

Mat's favorite moment is during the ceremony, when our officiant asked Mat to place the ring on the tip of my finger, he was a little confused as to where that meant. You see, our wedding was Mat's first wedding ever! He had no clue about weddings! So he thought he was supposed to literally balance the ring on the tip of my finger. Naturally it fell and after that, he got the giggles and it became contagious. It was such an endearing and real moment. There is a lot of power when everyone can laugh together that hard to create a lasting memory.

Wedding Photography: 4Eyes Photography / Wedding Gown: Lazaro via Kleinfeld Bridal / Groom's Suit, Accessories + Wedding Band: Against Nature / Groom’s Shoes: Paul Smith / Bride's Engagement Ring + Wedding Band: Doyle & Doyle / Venue, Catering + Cake: Capitale / Floral Design: Roshy of In Bloom / Wedding Videography: Honor Code Visual / Venetian Masks: House of Masquerades / DJ: Cat Hartwell / Rentals: Ruth Fischl / Invitations: Custom Illustration by Pretty as a Picture / Calligraphy: Joanne Day of Night Owl Creativity / Make-up: Lilly Rivera of Bridal Gal