Canmore Wedding by Orange Girl Photographs
October 21, 2011
North America

I've been handing out a lot of virtual hugs around SMP Canada lately, but I just can't help myself.  Each and every day I fall head over heels for another fabulous Canadian wedding... and today is certainly no exception.  This stunning Canmore affair by Orange Girl Photographs has literally blown my mind with its gorgeousness... and from the vibrant orange and blue color palette to the breathtaking lakeside ceremony and those amazing orange Loubs, I haven't stopped swooning yet.  All planned by Signature Weddings by Jenna, you'll be soaking in this lovely for days.  Join me in the gallery for even more!












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From the Bride... Evan proposed to me just one month before he left the country for a year to complete his Master's degree in Sweden. Many thought he was just trying to lock it down before he left me behind and headed across the world, but now I know it was an incredibly clever decision on his part because he gave me something to occupy all of this newly found spare time I had, not to mention getting out of the wedding planning duties himself!

In general, we're both pretty casual people, so we wanted our wedding to reflect this. We really wanted to avoid the conventional, sometimes "stuffy" feel that weddings can take on, so we decided to have a summery, fun, bright, almost beach-like feel for our mountain wedding. Our ceremony was held in an open public park next to beautiful Quarry Lake. The location was an obvious choice, as it has a lot of meaning to us and it was a prime location to showcase the breathtaking backdrops that surround our beautiful mountain town. Spectators casually cruised by and watched from across (and even in) the lake, and the sounds of summer and kids playing really helped set the mood. The raw beauty of the location spoke for itself and no decorations were needed.  (Thanks Mother Nature!)

In terms of the color scheme, I had chosen my bouquet first of all - orange orchids and calla lilies - which was our jumping off point for the orange theme.  (Including our photographer, Orange Girl Photographs, whose inspirational photography largely contributed to my color choice!)  On the groom's side, considering blue is pretty much the only color Evan wears, it was an obvious choice for the guys' shirts (although I do admit that it was somewhat difficult for me to relinquish control over Evan's outfit, which was the only thing I was not allowed to choose). On my side, I wanted the girls to have dresses that suited their body type and that they would wear again, so they had free reign to choose whatever style that suited them best. It was incredible how well they all went together in the end, seeing as the first time we saw them all in the same room was the morning of the wedding!

Overall, I have to admit that at certain times I began to get lost in all of the little details and there were moments when I lost sight of what really mattered - that I was marrying the love of my life. However, once I was able to put that into perspective, the rest flowed so easily. When the big day came, I let it all go completely and everything flowed so effortlessly and perfectly (at least for us that is). We were so blessed to have help from so many friends and family, who took care of all of the little details for us.  (Although Evan did have to get up at the crack of dawn to weed-whack an area of tall grass large enough for 150 people to stand in for the ceremony, but that's what guys are for, right?!)  In the end, what I really learned was that with enough love in the air, everything just falls into place, the way it is meant to be.  All you need is love!!

Wedding Photography: Orange Girl Photographs / Wedding Planner: Signature Weddings by Jenna / Flowers: Willow Haven / Wedding Cake + Custom Desserts: Tasty Life Food / Wedding Reception Location: The Iron Goat / Bridesmaid's Custom Heart Pendants + Wedding Rings: Laura Marshall / Hair: Bella Bridal Hair / Make-up: Lindsay Wood / Wood letters & Ampersand: Sharon Auld of Naturally Chic