Stop Motion Invitation by Anitra Keogh
October 19, 2011
Australia & South Pacific
And the most adorable invite of the year goes to...these two sweeties who hand-crafted the most incredible stop motion invitation!  The bride, being a photographer and stylist herself, snapped close to a thousand images to create this little masterpiece. What a treat it must have been when this little package of goodness arrived on guests' doorsteps.  Of course, I'm a big fan of the soundtrack but it's the personal and touching story that really warms my heart.  I hope we get to see their wedding which, if this is any indicator, will certainly be fabulous!
From the Bride...Even before I was engaged I was hitting refresh on your blog constantly! As a photographer I find it such a wonderful source of visual inspiration and, needless to say, since getting engaged I have found your blog even more a part of my everyday. I just wanted to share with you the invite that my fiance and I made recently.

I wanted an invite that was 'us', that included photos (being a photographer and all) and was inexpensive! Behold- 994 images that took a day to shoot and many hours to compile. We sent our guests CDs of the video, along with printed information in a recycled CD case from We have been suprised and thrilled at the response which is why I was convinced to share it with you, and hopefully your readers! I hope you enjoy it. Again thank you for providing such a beautiful blog for us all to swoon over. Keep up the amazing work.

Photographer + Stylist: Anitra Keogh