Estancia Culinaria Photo Shoot by Modern Events + Captured Photography by Jenny
October 5, 2011

Rustic elegance has certainly been enjoying its moment in the sun recently and you know that we love a little downhome goodness.  We especially adore when the country chic look gets all dolled up with a little modern flair.  This gorgeous shoot by Modern Events and Captured Photography by Jenny is a super fun, flirty and feminine take on the typical barn bash.  Not only did this Miami dream team perfectly blend the two styles but also made every detail easy to recreate and easy on the wallet.  See each glamourous goodie in the full gallery!

Miami Rustic Inspiration I

Miami Rustic Inspiration II

Miami Rustic Inspiration III

Miami Rustic Inspiration IV

Miami Rustic Inspiration V

Miami Rustic Inspiration VI

Miami Rustic Inspiration VII

Click here for the FULL photo shoot!

And we also have a super special treat for you today! A DIY flower tutorial from Ever After Floral Design!

Ever wonder if you could be your own florist? Just take these easy steps to make your very own centerpiece. You can use these as guests table centerpieces, alter arrangements or to add a special touch to a dinner party. Enjoy!

Step 1 {Gather your Materials}

For this design we used all white flowers, you can use any color you choose. The vase can also be switched out for any shape or size. Just keep in mind the bigger the vase opening the more flowers you need.

Tall Cylinder with a 5” Opening
A pair of Garden Shears
5 White Hydrangeas
5 White Calla Lilies
3 Curly Willow Branches, Feel Free to use feathers or any other type of branch

Step 2 {Prep Your Flowers}

Since we always begin with the base of the arrangement which in this case is hydrangeas we will prep them first. It’s easy like in a rose a hydrangea has leaves down the stem. Just peal back from the bottom up until you have 2 or 3 leaves left. You could remove all the leaves but as a first time florist it may be easier to leave a few for support. Then you are going to cut the stems of all of your hydrangeas at a diagonal 5 inches from the bottom. This will help the stem absorb more water and removes any portion of the stem that maybe rotting. You might want to hold the flower next to the vase to determine the length you snip. Make sure to allow the flowers bloom to sit on the edge of the vase. Keep in mind if you choose a shorter vase you need to cut the stem shorter. As for the Calla lilies because we want them tall we won’t cut more than 2-3 inches off the bottom.

Step 3 {Begin assembly}

Always try to arrange all of the same flower at once and build upward. Starting with the hydrangeas as the base (closes to the rim of the vase) create a cluster. Then place your calla lilies in the center of the hydrangeas and either arrange low or tall to your liking. Lastly you will place the branches in the center of the calla lilies as the tallest. As you put the branches in some of the calla lilies may shift, so you will need to adjust once the branches are in.

Step 4 {Enjoy}

Now that you assembled the flowers your arrangement should be complete. Remember to get creative and don’t be afraid of color. You can always mix and match flowers and colors however you choose. The easiest way to create your own arrangement if you’re not visual is to use inspirations from blogs like this one. Once you find something you like try to replicate it, you will be your own florist in no time!

Tip from a Professional Florist: Please keep in mind that, arrangements like this one, although fun and easy to make, take several days to duplicate enough for an actual party and need to be stored in a walk-in cooler. I always advise if you want to put a special touch on your own wedding flowers keep it simple and create just your sweet hearts table and leave the rest to a professional. No bride ever wants thorns in her fingers on her wedding day!

From Helen at Modern Events:

When we began to come up with a design concept for this we wanted something that was easy for other brides to duplicate. Our design team along with Jenny from Captured Photography began their search for a couple that was truly in love and that would photograph well. Once we got to know them and the love they shared the design began to bloom from there.

Knowing the bride loves shades of pink and the groom was an outdoorsy kind of guy we picked our color scheme and venue from their inspirations. The beautiful private barn home with on site chapel provided a wonderful backdrop. The most important part of designing any event is to think outside of the box. By choosing a venue that doesn’t look native to the area you can create an ambiance for your guests they have never experienced before. Most people would never guess Miami for the home of this venue.

The next step was dressing a table with linens that are beautiful, yet affordable. Most vendors carry a line of standard items, yet quarterly or twice a year they will design a new line of products. Catching that opportunity to customize a set of linens to match your vision will not only be affordable but unique to your event. The other great way to add a custom feel without blowing your budget is working with a boutique florist. Most small floral shops will sit down with you on a one on one basis and completely design your flowers to meet your needs. Make sure you take advantage of this easy way to add your special touch to your tablescape.

We also wanted to find a dress that reflected the softness of the pink used in her bouquet yet highlighting the bride’s strikingly beautiful features. Using a ruffled dress still gave us a pillow like feeling with the structured bodest that made the bride look flawless. Taking the same approach of soft curls for the hair and strong makeup we were able to keep the look consistent.

Photographer: Captured Photography by Jenny / Event Design: Modern Events / Venue: Estancia Culinaria / Makeup: SJ Makeup /Hair: Starlit Designs / Dress Designer: Zayas Bridal / Floral Design: Ever After Floral Design / Hair Accessory: The Crafty Chemist