Engagement Session by Stewart Leishman Photography
September 30, 2011
Australia & South Pacific
I have a confession. I may or may not have stalked Stewart Leishman and sent him an email fawning over his work a few weeks ago because I just loved his style so much. Phew, that feels good to get off my chest. Stewart, I hope you didn't think I was weird, but I had to do it for the rest of the SMP Australia family. I think this post will justify any of my school girl crush type emails, because this engagement session is just stylish and THEN some. There is more style to see in the full gallery...so you know where I'll be for the rest of the day!







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From the Bride...Shainne and I believe that we would not have met had it not been for our love of music. Each of us were going out to various indie nightclubs and gigs around Melbourne in the early 90’s and it was through seeing each other out in these circles that brought us together. We are getting married at the Boyd Baker House, which is essentially our dream home! We figure if we can’t actually live there, the next best thing is to get married there! Then we can at least pretend it is ours, if only for a weekend! We are really looking forward to a small, casual wedding inspired by the natural surroundings, architecture and mid century style of the Boyd Baker House.


Photography: Stewart Leishman Photography