Tyler Engagement Session by Gema Blanton Photography
September 28, 2011

I just added a romantic picnic with my honey to my weekend itinerary, all thanks to this lovely engagement session by Gema Blanton Photography and all of the pretty, pretty inspiration it's providing.  Plus, I think I'll take a cue from the gorgeous bride-to-be and buy myself a pair of cowboy boots, because, seriously, how fabulous is she?  In fact, this entire session is filled to the brim with fabulous and from the picnic in the grass to the trees filled with twinkle lights, it's just one gorgeous moment after another.  You don't want to miss a moment of pretty, so join me in the gallery for even more!







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From the Bride... Jeremy told me that I have an amazing ability to ruin proposals. He tried proposing to me three different times. ( I guess the third time's a charm!)  For a while I had been teasing him about how un-romantic he is, so one night he told me to get dressed up and that we were going to a really nice restaurant. We went out to Kiepersol Estates Winery; it was delicious!  After dinner I remember thinking to myself, wow I guess he really is trying to be romantic! And I thought that was so sweet!! When we left the winery, we drove to go look at the lot he has purchased for us to build our house on, which was normal, he always wants to look at it even though all it has on it is dirt and a little bit of grass. He had claimed he could see something out in the middle of the lot, so he got out of the car to look at it. When he came back, he came to my side of the car, got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him! I thought it was the perfect place! It's where we will be starting our lives together and start a family. Plus, in years to come when our children ask me how and where their daddy proposed, I can just walk to the front door and show them!

Our photographer was Gema Blanton out of Tyler. Everything turned out exactly the way I had imagined it would and thanks to Gema, it was even better! My fiance and I both love being outside and we both grew up out in the country. So there was only one place to do our engagement portraits... outside! My parents have some land down a county road in East Texas that I knew would be the perfect place for our pictures. So we went to a few of my favorite places. I also wanted to keep everything sentimental. I wore necklaces that Jeremy has given me, bracelets my parents had given me, a bracelet my grandfather made for me, and of course since we were out in a hay field and back in the woods I had to wear my favorite cowgirl boots!

I knew I wanted Gema to take a few pictures of Jeremy and I having a picnic. I love picnics, I think they are so cute and romantic! So I got my favorite quilt, my great-grandmother hand stitched it, and grabbed two beautiful crystal wine glasses my great-aunt had given to Jeremy and I, and what's a picnic without cake?? I had some delicious red velvet cake from my favorite bakery, Chez Bazan in Tyler.

When the sun was starting to set and we were done with our picnic, we went to the backside of my parents' property. My favorite place is back in the woods, I am in love with a tree back there. It's a huge pine tree that has grown almost in the shape of a chair It amazes me how nature can form trees that are so interesting. I had an idea to take pictures at dusk/dark around that tree with lights strung around all the surrounding trees. The pictures Gema took were even better than what I had imagined. All in all, I had so much fun with our photographer and I know my fiance did too. I am so thankful that she got him to do a "real smile!"

Photography: Gema Blanton Photography / Cake: Chez Bazan