Melbourne Wedding by Dekuji Photography
September 21, 2011
DIY Inspired

These charming Melbourne nuptials have made me very, very happy.  It's true... I haven't been able to stop smiling since the very first stunning image by Dekuji Photography and there's really no end in sight to all of this wedding joy I am feeling.  For starters, there's the adorable bride and groom, whose love for each other is simply palpable... It literally jumps out of my computer screen with each and every breathtaking moment.  And when you take all of that L.O.V.E and wrap it up in a grin-inducing orange, black, red and gray color palette, cute-as-can-be umbrellas and my new favorite birdcage veil, I am more than certain that it just does not get any better than this.  I plan to spend my ENTIRE day wrapped up in all of this lovely and I suggest you do the same.  Join me in the gallery for even more!









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From the Bride... I had a stroke about 7 months before the wedding, so it was really important to me to show everyone how much I loved Rob for standing by me during that time! Our wedding was not all smooth sailing, our reception place emailed us about 2 months before the wedding to say they were selling, so they weren't confirming any bookings! And I ordered my bridesmaid dresses online and when they arrived they didn't fit! So we had to buy some more 2 weeks before the wedding!

I walked up the aisle to "Diamonds on the Soles of her Shoes" by Paul Simon.  That was a tribute to my dad, he died 6 years ago, so he couldn't walk me up the aisle.

Our wedding was in an Aboriginal art gallery and our reception was in a Spanish restaurantEveryone got up to dance!

Wedding Photography: Dekuji Photography / Flowers: Family + Friends / Boys Button Holes: Native Bloom and Foliage Design / Event Design: The Bride / Wedding Ceremony Location: Ochre Gallery / Wedding Reception Location: Del Los Santos / Wedding Invitations: Ainsley Deans, Friend of the Bride & Groom / Bride's Shoes: Ralph Lauren / Wedding Dress: D'Zage