Big Canoe Wedding by White Rabbit Studios
September 21, 2011

Oh my heart flutters when it comes to families. Particularly at weddings. So when I read this lovely bride wore the dress her mother and grandmother wore when they were married, let's just say this blogger got a little sappy. That is ADORABLE. The entire celebration captured by White Rabbit Studios is just as adorable with its herb pot centerpieces and casual elegance. It's practically perfect in every way, and there is even more in the full gallery of images!

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From the Bride... Steve and I met on July 4, 2007, in Charleston, South Carolina when mutual friends invited both of us there to celebrate the 4th of July.  We started dating immediately following the trip.  After 3 years of long distance dating from Knoxville, TN to Huntsville AL, both Steve and I were offered positions at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and Steve proposed.

The wedding date was set for June 25, 2011, in the North Georgia Mountains in a community called Big Canoe where my parents currently live. The wedding party included two people - Steve's brother Andrew and my good friend from childhood, Ashley.  The suits and Ashley's dress were chosen to compliment the natural setting of the Georgia Mountains.  My wedding dress was worn by both my Nana and my mother!  Nana wore the dress on September 6, 1940 for her wedding at the St. John's Episcopal Church in Youngstown, Ohio. My mother, Alice, wore it on August 7, 1971, for her wedding at the St. John's Episcopal church in Youngstown, Ohio.  The veil was made from one sheet from my mother's veil which had 3!  A gold coin was placed in my wedding shoe that every woman on my mother side since 1911 had worn for good luck.  All of our brothers (8 in total) served as ushers.  Both of our parents are still married and were a part of the wedding, as well.

We had the most amazing time and cannot believe all of the loved ones who traveled and stayed in houses in the mountains just to be at our wedding!!  Our parents were wonderful throughout the whole process!  We had a beautiful wedding!  People loved the food, danced, and had a good time which is all we could ask for - plus I married my best friend with the support and love from both of our families!  I couldn't ask for more.

DJ: Andrew Wroblewski of Dub Smash / Wedding Planning: Ashley Wroblewski / Wedding Photography: White Rabbit Studios / Wedding Location: Big Canoe / Hair & Makeup: Stacey Hain, Friend of the Bride / Officiant: Father Frank Richardson / Burlap Tablecloths: Friend of the Family / Herb Pots: Mother of the Bride / Favors: Tupelo Honey via Blue Ridge Honey Company / Quilt: Friends & Family of the Bride