Palm Beach Love Shoot by Kallima Photography
September 14, 2011

The stunning husband and wife below experienced one of the worst nightmares a newly wedded couple can have.  The photographer for their wedding went out of business, never giving them their wedding photographs, and all of their wedding memories were lost.  Thank goodness for Kallima Photography!  Donning the (gorgeous) attire they wore two years earlier they took some seriously breathtaking photos in Palm Beach.  I would never have known that this wasn't their wedding day.  There is so much love filling each ethereal image.  See them all in the full gallery!

Love Shoot I

Palm Beach Shoot II

Palm Beach Shoot III

Palm Beach Shoot V

Palm Beach Shoot IV

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From Kallima Photography...Melissa + Claudio were married 2 years ago. Shortly after they were married, their photographer went out of business...and they have never seen or received any images from their wedding. When Melissa emailed and told me their story, I was heartbroken. I couldn't imagine putting all that time and effort and love into a wedding day and not having any pictures to show for it.

We were so humbled that they now wanted US to re-create those wedding day portraits for them. So we put on her dress, and he put on his tux. I made her a bouquet similar to the one she held on her wedding day. We spent a few hours at the Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach just re-living some wedding day moments. After shooting some on Worth Avenue, we ended our time together at Paris Cafe drinking cappuccinos, which is one of their favorite things to do together.

Wedding Photography: Kallima Photography / Wedding Shoot: Breakers Hotel / Love Shoot: Paris Cafe / Florals: Whole Foods Florals / Floral Design: Rebekah Hood of Kallima Photography / Wedding Gown: Lazaro / Groom's Watch: Nautica