Style Me Pretty Destination Welcomes Our Advertisers!
August 6, 2011
Happy Saturday, lovelies!  It's the beginning of a new month here on Style Me Pretty Destination Weddings and that's great news, because it means that we have some fabulous advertisers to introduce you to!  So fabulous, in fact, that we absolutely adore each and every one and are so very honored to have them as part of our Style Me Pretty family.  So, without further ado, please give a big SMP welcome to Alea Lovely, Chic Weddings In Italy, Deposit a Gift, The Pressroom and Readyluck!

Alea Lovely

From Alea Lovely... Our company is unique, because we offer Photography or Video services focusing on the couple's story.  We love to tell a story.  We are constantly looking for moments that are meaningful and pure.  We are looking for what usually happens in between the family photos or the ceremony - the times when a couple is most honest and real.  My hope for our work is that it would always be a beautiful marriage of elements that tell an effortless, yet emotional story.  Where the subject is more important than the background and the content is more about the story than the poses.  We are photographers, cinematographers, but most of all story tellers.  We are a husband/wife team that values the importance of not just a wedding, but a marriage and the gift that these memories are to clients.

We would like to offer SMP Destination Brides a free post-wedding photo session.

Chic Weddings

From Chic Weddings In Italy... Chic Weddings provide a boutique wedding design and coordination service all around Italy and offer tailor made assistance with all the aspects involved in the organisation of your big day. Our clients tend to choose us for our glamorous style, for our unconventional & flexible approach and especially for our focus on event design.  Each one of our events is different from the others and reflects the personality and wishes of the bride and the groom. For this reason we don't propose already-made packages but work with our clients to create a completely unique wedding from scratch each single time.

We strongly believe in the pursue of freedom and in the beauty of each person’s individual taste. We encourage our brides to express themeselves in full without worrying about what others expect from them. Never try to be like someone else, never forget who you are and what you love.

Chic Weddings' Italian founders, Clara & Eva, have a mantra: "Weddings should be fabulous and fun."  With this in mind, we are committed to creating experiences of truly rare quality while enjoying the planning process.

Clara described by Eva… Curious and enthusiastic, Clara has the courage to try innovative concepts and as if by magic is always able to make impossible dreams happen. A talented communicator, she has worked for many years in public relations in London and is a highly skilled event manager. Clara likes: Persian cats, The sea of Palmarola, Blue and white stripes, Her pink car, White simple shirts with vintage jeans, The green tea chocolate cake of Roka

Eva described by Clara… Full of passion, energy and life, Eva has a wonderful ability to understand other people’s visions and transform them into reality. After working for many years for the United Nations, she has finally decided to make the most of her creative flair and dedicate herself entirely to the development of amazing ideas. Eva likes: Blue velvet, Polka dots, The colour of lavender, The scent of grass after a rainstorm, Anything that has a cool packaging,  The softness of cashmere

If you tell us more about you, we will design a wedding that reflects your inner self.

Deposit a Gift

From Deposit a Gift... Deposit a Gift gives engaged couples what they want most: Flexibility. Our cash wedding registry lets friends and family contribute monetary gifts towards the dreams and experiences they actually want, not ‘stuff’ they don’t. It's incredibly user friendly, and offers a great alternative to traditionalregistries. Simply put, it’s a less crass way of asking for cash.

Deposit a Gift works like a traditional registry to be easy on gift-givers, but allows couples to register for anything — from honeymoons to home down payments, newlywed activities to charities. We are also the only site that includes a free wedding website, and room to list your other registries, so it truly is a one-stop-shop. No shipping. No gift wrap. No need for returns.


From The Pressroom... The Pressroom & Company (TP&C) is a select group of experienced and passionate stationery designers who came together to showcase their beautiful designs through this new venture. Our renowned designers are from all over the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Their styles showcase a wide variety of artwork from modern to vintage, formal to understated, whimsical to elegant and more. TP&C is operated by Spark Letterpress, an experienced and trusted stationer so you can be assured your order is handled with the utmost of care.

Our exceptional yet affordable letterpress printing is a perfect match for all of life's events. A 100 quantity, 4-piece set in 1 color letterpress is only $850, which is an amazing deal for those of you who might have thought letterpress was not in your budget.

Be sure to take advantage of their special offer for Style Me Pretty readers – 10% off your order – by using code SMP when you place your order.

Whether you’re internet-savvy or need a little guidance, the experts at The Pressroom will help you make all the right moves to end up with custom stationery you’ll treasure for years to come.

Readyluck Photographers

From Readyluck... Luck is being ready - in life and in love, as we carry ourselves along with open eyes and minds. Readyluck is a collective of photographers whose passions lie in creative, articulate storytelling told through a diversity of talents.  To be in the right place at the right time involves preparation and an acute awareness of light, form, and detail.  It also requires an agreement of chance, of unknown paths crossing, a coming together.  Being invited into your life to document the immensity of this miracle is a privilege that's not lost on us.

We approach the wedding as a documentarians - mixing photojournalism with both formal and creative portraiture, while striving to capture the unedited emotion that articulates the day.  We work unobtrusively, and are always flexible to couples' needs.  We've covered weddings and been on assignment from both coast to wonderful coast as well as internationally.  You can see samples of our recent work at the Readyluck website.  Our published images and projects have appeared in print and online at The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, TIME magazine, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and others (Style Me Pretty!).

Fabulous, right?!? I suggest stopping by each and every lovely site, because not only are they awesome , but you can also show them some SMP love and support at the same time!  (Psst... I have already spent hours on each one!)  We couldn't be happier to have them here!  Welcome!