We’re taking a moment’s pause from our real wedding obsessions to beg a favor. And by beg, I mean that we’re asking really sweetly to give us about 10 minutes of your time to take this oh so easy, wedding invitations survey. And if you do, we promise to travel to the ends of the earth to bring you the most gorgeous weddings you could ever want.  You see, we’re embarking on what could be the coolest collaboration EVER to curate a line of wedding invitations specifically for SMP brides and we want to make sure that we nail it when it comes to pricing, styles, colors and everything else you want in your wedding day paper goods. Click here to take the survey!

Image Credit: Mr. Boddington’s Studio (who we are OBSESSED with by the way)

So please, please, pretty please (told you we weren’t above begging) take our survey and help us curate the prettiest SMP inspired line of invitations a girl could ever want. We promise, if you’re in the market for gorgeous, fresh, absolutely SMP invitations, it will be so worth your time. Click here to take the survey!

xoxo, Abby