Dominican Republic Wedding from Michelle Turner Photography
Oh my goodness, this Dominican Republic wedding just calls to me. I can hear the waves crashing on the shore and the wind softly blowing through the palm trees. I can smell all the fragrant red flower...

Oh my goodness, this Dominican Republic wedding just calls to me. I can hear the waves crashing on the shore and the wind softly blowing through the palm trees. I can smell all the fragrant red flowers and I can feel the love. It seems to be pretty stinkin' perfect. Anyone else packing their bags, ready to join me? Michelle Turner Photography is the genius behind the images of this stunning beach wedding. She was able to take full advantage of the amazing island ambiance and has totally rocked our socks off. Which is fitting, as we're all ready to dig our toes into the sand after this amazing affair. If you're dying for more, like we were, check out Michelle's blog for the album!

Karina and David

Karina and David 3

Karina and David 2

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Karina and David 9

Ever since our first date we have been inseparable. Eight months after meeting David, he flew us to Paris under a rouse that we were attending a friend's wedding. Our second day in Paris he proposed while we were at the top of the Arc de Triomphe. It took us a few weeks to even start to think about how and where we were going to celebrate. We both have a passion for international travel and Latin cultures. We wanted to bring all of our favorite people together for an extended amount of time so we could enjoy everyone's company in a relaxing a beautiful environment while sharing some of our passions with our guests.

When we came across Casa Kimball in the Dominican Republic online it seemed too amazing to be true. We reached out to Monica who manages the private villa and quickly realized that she is organized, detailed, responsive and gracious. We were immediately taken by the gorgeous villa pictures and Monica's 'can do' attitude. When we arrived in Cabrera we were so excited by the lack of tourism and the chill laid back attitude of the area. Casa Kimball is striking in photos but in person it is infinitely more than we could have imagined.

We found our fantastic photographer extraordinaire, Michelle Turner Photography, online. Michelle came down with her husband Eric as her second photographer and they started scouting the area immediately. I don't think they stopped working the entire time they were in Cabrera.

We chose there ceremony location for it's proximity to the crashing waves and for it's lush green grass. David's aunt lead our ceremony in which we asked each of our guests to speak on the topic of love and relationships. We had so much fun during the ceremony with our guests and all the personal touches each person brought. After the ceremony we toasted and got to some preliminary dancing! I had sent Monica a few pictures of what I envisioned for the flowers and the decor and she made my vision sing! Our meal was outstanding and the service we received the moment we stepped on the island was superb. We absolutely had to invite the whole staff into the dining room so that we could express our gratitude and give them a round of much deserved applause. We danced late into the evening while sipping on our tropical cocktails and nibbling on the homemade desserts.

The next day we got to do it all again -well sort of. We got dressed up and met up with Michelle and her husband for a day of fun local shots. We went back to the beach where we had the bonfire, we hit the center of Cabrera and a fun local bar called Manny's where we found time to have a few drinks with our talented photographers. We went back exhausted and spent the next day on the beach alone reliving the moments of the days that just passed.

Photography: Michelle Turner Photography / Flowers: Casa Kimball / Event Design: Casa Kimball / Venue: Casa Kimball / Shoes: Jimmy Choo