San Francisco Wedding by Janae Shields Photography
When the wilds of San Francisco play backdrop to a wedding, we know it's going to be a doozy. And by doozy, we mean an unabashed feast for the eyes under a canopy of leafy greens. Janae Shields Photo...

When the wilds of San Francisco play backdrop to a wedding, we know it's going to be a doozy. And by doozy, we mean an unabashed feast for the eyes under a canopy of leafy greens. Janae Shields Photography snapped all the pretty pictures which include so many fluffy, bright florals by Studio Choo and one perfect, perfect cake crafted by Cake Coquette. We think this number is definitely deserving of a little breaky break from work and a little looky loo in the gallery for the full shindig. Believe us, that work will probably be there when you get back but at least you'll have gorgeous images dancing in your head.

San Francisco Wedding

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From the Bride... Our grandmothers inspired our wedding.  We kept saying that we weren't necessarily going for a vintage look, but more so a nostalgic look.  We wanted something that felt warm, comfortable, and where you could feel the love in the simplest of details.  Just like you would at grandma's house.  Starting with the location, the Trocadero House at Stern Grove.  We chose the venue because the history of the house is palpable from the moment you see it.  The veranda, the fireplace, the stain glass windows, all of it felt very inviting just like grandma's house.

One theme that runs through the wedding is the color purple and buttons.  While these are two of my favorite things, they’re also synonymous with Bill’s Nana Kitty.  A famous staple at Bill's Nana Kitty’s house is her giant tin full of buttons. To this day, Bill loves coming to the fabric store with me, so he can spend time sifting through the button bin. It reminds him of his Nana. I made a lot of things with buttons, myself.  The boutonnieres were handmade with buttons, instead of flowers.  The hair comb was handmade with buttons as the accent.  The shoes were embellished with purple buttons.  And, while cufflinks often replace buttons, in our case the cufflinks were made of buttons.  I got our cake maker on board with the buttons, and she added sugar buttons to the cake.  And, I got Bill’s very talented sister on board with the handmade theme; her gift to us was the beautiful handmade cake stand.

Bill’s grandmothers live in Boston, and my two grandmothers live in South America.  We try to visit them as often as possible.  During a recent trip to Uruguay and Brazil, my mother's mother was sad to tell me that she would be unable to travel to San Francisco for the wedding.  But, she gave me a tablecloth that she received when she was married.  She kept saying, "I know it's nothing special, just something you can use day-to-day," but to me it was so beautiful and I knew I wanted it with me on my wedding day.  We used her blue floral tablecloth at the head table. And, that inspired us to hand pick vintage floral tablecloths that we used as accents on the buffet, and cake tables. As for the rest of the tables, what could be more grandma-y than doilies?  We essentially used oversized lace doilies as overlays.  It all came together perfectly.  In addition to her tablecloth, I also had her wedding band on me that day; it was one of the charms on my charm bracelet.

My father’s mother and I are two peas in a pod.  I was lucky to inherit of lot of her creative traits.  She watched me a lot when I was little, and during those times we were constantly cooking, or baking or sewing.  I certainly wasn’t prepared to cook or bake for the wedding, but I knew that I wanted to hand sew a few things myself, and I knew that would make her proud. Bill's tie, as well as my father's, were hand sewn.  I also added hems to the bottom of the bridesmaids’ dresses.

When it came time to think about the wedding invitation, it seemed natural to have a delicate handkerchief to go with our grandmother theme.  We collected a number of different printed handkerchiefs, and silk-screened them ourselves. But, there was only so much we could print on the handkerchief, so we had to brainstorm how we wanted to communicate all the other information – transportation, hotel, Friday night, gift registry, etc.  In keeping in line with grandmothers and nostalgia, we came up with the idea of keepsakes. Basically, we tried to imagine what if our grandmothers had taken a trip to SF when they were younger, what sort of things would they have kept from their trip -- a bus schedule, a post card, a receipt from their favorite meal, a baseball ticket, a match book, a photo? Then we incorporated all of those things into the invitation.  We also used old stamps ranging from the 30's to the 60's for the envelopes.

We wanted all the pieces to fit together perfectly.  And they did.  Our guests kept saying how they could feel the love in all of the details.  But, the biggest compliment was when guests would say they felt at home.

Wedding Photography: Janae Shields Photography / Flowers: Studio Choo / Wedding Ceremony & Reception Location: Trocadero Clubhouse at Stern Grove Park / Wedding Invitations: DIY, The Bride & Groom / Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet via Priscilla of Boston / Catering: Living Room Events (LRE Catering) / Band: Napata and the Kisses / Officiant: Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants / Transportation: San Francisco Duck via Classic Cable Car Sightseeing / Accommodations: Hotel Palomar / Rehearsal Dinner: Nick's Crispy Tacos / Makeup: Annette Avila of Lavish Salon / Hair: Camilla Betteridge / Wedding Cake: Cake Coquette / Rentals: Hartmann Studios