Sarasota Wedding from Audrey Snow Photography
March 17, 2011

This Sarasota wedding from Audrey Snow Photography is romantic. It is glamorous. It is personal. All in all, it is what little girls hope for when dreaming of their own someday wedding. This beautiful bride not only found her Prince Charming, but was able to have the wedding of her dreams at an estate seeped in grand style and history, fit for a fairy tail. And thanks to Audrey, our bride and groom have these gorgeous memories to share with their children and grandchildren one day. Make sure to check out even more in the gallery!

Anna & Dustin Sarasota Wedding 10

From Audrey...Anna and Dustin were married at the lovely Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, FL on 7.10.10. The estate has a distinctly Mediterranean feel which effortlessly gives guests the feeling of celebrating in another time and place altogether. It is absolutely perfect for any bride and groom with timeless style. The lacy detail on Anna's gown paired with Dustin's classic white linen suit were right at home here. Little pops of orange in the florals were a beautifully vibrant contrast to the elegant, more traditional navy that ruled the details from the table linens to the bridesmaids gowns. We particularly loved the cupcakes with their pattern-coded wrappers depicting each flavor within, not to mention their adorable love bird cupcake toppers!

Though it was a typically toasty South Florida day, wedding guests stayed comfortable in the shaded outdoor ceremony site and tented reception. Dinner was held under the tent and then after sunset, Anna and Dustin danced the night away with their guests under the bulb party lights that ran from the tent to the mansion. The lights gave the feeling of partying in an open air Italian piazza. From beginning to end, it was the loveliest of wedding celebrations!

Anna & Dustin Sarastoa Wedding 5

Anna & Dustin Sarasota Wedding 5

Anna & Dustin Sarasota Wedding 9

Anna & Dustin Sarasota Wedding 4

Anna & Dustin Sarasota 7Wedding

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Anna & Dustin Sarasota Wedding

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From our gorgeous bride...Most brides would say their wedding day was magical. As I began to plan my own, I feared that for one reason or another, mine would not end up that way. I love being creative, and I am a planner at heart. But at the same time, I did worry about every little detail. Dustin grounded me every day, reminding me of "the reason for the season." Forgetting about the details, I realized those fears were silly. We were joining together, uniting as one, best friends committing our lives to each other, all while being surrounded by our closest family and friends. How could it not be magical?

We told ourselves one thing before we met at the aisle that day, remember to pause and soak it all in. Arm in arm with my dad, from across the room, or while dancing under a glow of lights, we stared into each others' eyes, reminding one another to pause. Telling ourselves to capture the faces around us, feel the breeze, embrace the summer's air, admire the glistening water and the swaying trees. I have never truly embraced the moments of a day more than on that day.

There are some memories that seem to come alive when I reminisce. I remember feeling more beautiful than I ever have in my life, and I imagine I may never feel that way again. My brothers teared up when they saw me for the first time in my dress. I will always remember that. I remember my mom looking beautiful. She wore a light blue shirt in the bridal room that made her glow. I remember laughing with my dad as a snake slithered in front of us on the sidewalk. I was in awe of the view as I walked down the aisle. Focusing in on Dustin as he stood in the center of it all, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Watching the sun set behind the water was bittersweet. It was breathtaking, all you would hope a Florida summer sunset would be, yet it meant that our day was that much closer to being over. I loved hearing the songs I requested and skipping through a sea of people to find Dustin. (He is the cutest dancer!) And there is just something special about seeing your parents laugh as they swing each other around the dance floor.

As I try to put into words my feelings from the day, I find it is impossible to fully express or summarize in any justified way. But in the end, and in the simplest way put, it was magical.

Photography: Audrey Snow Photography / Flowers: Beneva Flowers / Event Coordination: Nellie's Catering / Ceremony Location: Powel Crosley Estate / Reception Location: Powel Crosley Estate