Austin, Texas Wedding by Stacy Cross Photography
July 15, 2010

We are serving up a plate of Austin nuptials today and these nups are extra special because they are greenified, as in eco-chic and puurrrtty y'all. (I think that's how they say it in Texas, right Abby?) This fun loving bride and groom had a vintage inspired wedding that completely fit their laid back, easy breezy spirit while infusing lots of organic elements that would make Mother Earth oh so proud. Stacy Cross photographed the whole shebang and was nice enough to deliver some lovely imagery for us to gaze upon with our morning coffee. You can check out even more of the day here.

Austin Wedding

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I choose every element of our wedding with my husband in mind and our relationship in mind. I didn't want him to think that he was giving me a gift of fulfilling my childhood wedding fantasy. Rather, I wanted him to know that this couldn't have been dreamt before him, and I wanted him to feel that he would have designed the exact same wedding were his disposition so inclined to plan the event (which, typically, it isn't!). I felt the day would be most romantic and honest, if it focused on the things we love together. So our music (before, during, and after the ceremony, and the reception band) were old-timey jazz/blues-ish, rather than traditional classical or pretty pop. I used succulents instead of floral that would die, because (a) it is more masculine and (b) we could keep it in our garden afterward. I gave seed packets as escort cards, because Jacob and I have a vegetable garden, and other such personal details...on anther note – Our event was as organic/sustainable as we could make it. The venue is the only certified organic venue in the country, and won a city-wide zero-waste program. The food was all local and organic as well.

As a designer, I felt the need to do something different. I didn't want to just fit the role of Bride. I wanted it to be unique to us, and I wanted our event to be as cohesive as I would anything else I design. It had a vintage feel to it, almost Gatsby-esque with seer-sucker, a gramophone and light neutral colors. Jacob and I are not the formal sort at all, so we didn't want a stuffy serious wedding. Nonetheless, we are also traditional in many ways and took our decision to marry very seriously, so I didn't want a jokey-casual wedding either. So this vintage, organic affair was what we came up with, and it turned out beautifully. Our band even got an encore!

Photographer: Stacy Cross / Jewelery: Catherine Nicole (bride! She is an incredibly talented jewelery designer) / Coordinator: 36th Street Events / Venue: Barr Mansion (also caterer and bouquets/ceremony floral) / Floral – Centerpieces: Articulture Designs / Videographer: Jeff Linderman Productions / Hair: Milk and Honey / Transportation: Vintage Rides of Austin