Now, I have to warn you, this next affair is a total jaw-dropper. Captured by the very talented Sarah Rhoads, this rehearsal dinner is actually my dream wedding. I might be suffering from a mild case of event envy from this one (a common condition in my line of work). But seriously, it was just too good not to share. Stunning decor, amazing setting, adorable kiddos, and even a few furry creatures, how’s a girl to resist?!???!

{Click here see every last square inch}

I know, I know, pretty amazing, right?? And as if the details weren’t enough to make you gush, the bride and groom have been buddies since they were in junior high and gathered all their friends and family at the bride’s family’s property in eastern Washington for the whole wedding weekend. A gorgeous and all around sweet celebration jam-packed with perfect rustic charm. Love.

Photography: Sarah Rhoads Photography / Venue: private home in Hunters, WA / Event Design: the bride’s extremely gifted mother