Pacific Pictures Presents CITY OF LAKES ~ A Hindu Dream Wedding
May 22, 2010
By: eddye

As the finale to this week of wedding cinema on the Little Black Book Blog, we have the  pièce de résistance ... a SPECTACULAR production from Kevin Shahinian of Pacific Pictures.  Named by Event DV as one of the Top 25 Cinematographers in the world, Kevin released his full-feature version of Melissa and Samir's wedding, a month ago on his blogThe trailer, yes, it was FILLED with anticipation. The complete production though?  Blows the trailer right OUT of the water!

A wedding film ... absolutely. A full-fledged cinematic production? Beyond compare.

Pacific Pictures Indian Temple

Really, quickly ~ Kevin and his unheralded team of professionals undertook a unique and passionate approach to a classic Hindu marriage ... interlacing the history, traditions and rituals of the culture along with an allegory of a little girl's storybook wedding.  CITY OF LAKES was shot on location in Udaipur, India over a period of nine days by Kevin and a crew of truly gifted cinematographers. Together, they created a distinguished work of art that raises the bar and challenges event filmmakers ~ everywhere ~ to reach to those stars ... to continue expanding the horizons of the wedding cinema industry!

We featured the full length version this weekend, but realize that many of you do not have the time required to relax and inhale the absolute intrigue of the film!  So today, we present to you the CITY OF LAKES TRAILER ~ a quick look into the film that has created quite a stir ... and may just be a new avenue for brides and grooms across the world to explore their innermost feelings, heritage and dreams!

"CITY OF LAKES" The Official Trailer from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

From this weekend ... the CITY OF LAKES film from Pacific Pictures in all of it's full length glory.  It's extraordinary ~ but it will take you just a tad bit longer to fully load. We implore you to do it! SERIOUSLY. Whether you are of the Hindu religion or not, it is an absolutely mesmerizing look into one young girl's dream and a team of film professionals to pull it all together! Kevin challenges us all to determine exactly where the dream ends and the reality takes a firm hold!

Take the time to dream the dream of  CITY OF LAKES ~ if only to realize where wedding cinema can take us ...

"CITY OF LAKES" The Feature from PACIFIC PICTURES on Vimeo.

A little more from Kevin ~ the writer, director, co-producer, film editor and genius behind it all ...

We shot the live wedding events and production simultaneously & exclusively on DSLRs, the Canon 5D MarkII and Canon 7D. It could not have been done without the acting talents of Anubhab Saha, Sharon Chawda and Rushad Rana, who were consummate professionals and a joy to work with. It also could not have been without the support of our sponsors: Canon, who provided two pre-production 7Ds and a host of L-series lenses; Tiffen, who provided all of our lighting; and Cinevate, who sent us much needed gear and sponsored an incredible behind-the-scenes campaign viewable at

Credits:  Melissa Kumar, Samir Shah, Anubhab Saha, Sharon Chawda & Rushad Rana. Written & Directed by Kevin Shahinian; Produced by Kevin Shahinian & Patrick Moreau; Line Producer Pravin Thakur; Director of Photography Patrick Moreau; 2nd Unit Director Joe Simon; 2nd Unit Steadicam Casey Warren, Film Editor Kevin Shahinian, Jib Operator Chris Geiger, Set Photographer Amish Solanki

* * *

Congratulations of any sort ~ at this point ~ seem a little meager! Kevin and his entire support team deserve a huge standing ovation on being named in Event DV's Top 25 for 2009!