This sweet little number was sent to us by Lydia Yeung of Ever Ours who designed a bridal shower around …you guessed it…Tim Burton’s interpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Her and her fabulous team wanted to create a picnic tea party with a darker side and loaded it with tons of great ideas that all of you gals can pull for your own soirees. I know this Matron of Honor is taking note.

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Taking a cue from Tim Burton, I thought of doing a more “twisted” version of the “Alice in Wonderland” tablescapes we’ve seen so much of lately.  Instead of the pastel colored route, I really loved the shades of blue that were used in the movie and how dark they were.

I am so very lucky to have had Lauryl Lane on board with me.  She’s a genius and magic is always produced whenever she’s around. At a trip to the flower market, I spotted rams head pods and she spotted rootballs.  We looked at each other and gasped and we knew where we were heading. Once we figured out the main gist and look of our centerpieces, we started to tie in the main themes of Alice in Wonderland. We loved how disproportionate certain elements were.  For example, whenever Alice shrinks and whenever she’s larger than life.  So we went with a picnic party, so that our bride would be larger than the table and made our centerpieces slightly exaggerated.  Within the centerpieces, Lauryl made them seem like mini woods/forests.

I approached Jane of Olive Hue Paper with our color theme- dark navy blue, olive green and grey and told her the major themes we liked from Alice in Wonderland.  She created the most fabulous invitations to our little make believe bridal shower.  She implemented the idea of the key as an opening to the invitation and on the menus, incorporating a  “time” theme as well as the infamous sayings “Eat Me” and “Drink Me”.

After seeing what Jane had created, I then found antique watch faces that perfectly fit our “time” theme and we tied them on the manzanita tree that was part of our centerpiece.  But our two most favorite elements from our shoot were the use of mushrooms and hanging the recycled glass jars from the tree.  It gave our shoot a much more ethereal touch with the whole feeling of floating and a dream like state.

Photography: Adrienne Gunde / Event Styling: Lydia Yeung of Ever Ours, Lauryl Lane and Jane of Olive Hue Paper / Floral Decor: Lauryl Lane / Stationery: Olive Hue Paper / Linens: BBJ Linens and Bed, Bath & Beyond / Cutlery: Oneida / Tableware: Bed, Bath & Beyond and Ikea / Model: Megan Buchner