One of the first names I learned when I first started writing for the LBB Blog was Laura Hooper. I’ve known, pretty much forever, what a true artist she is …

I have to share one of SMP’s Backstage secrets … my father was an artist. For those of you unfamiliar with Backstage, it’s Abby’s new venue for sharing all of her insider trade secrets. Plus a little personal info. One of HER secrets is that her grandfather was a terrific artist. So when either of us use the term artist, we don’t use it lightly. We mean it, from the bottom of our hearts.

So, back to Laura.  Visit any wedding website … any wedding blog … any of the top designers’, planners’, stationers’, photographers’ websites and you’ll see Laura’s gorgeous work. Her calligraphy, designs and wedding maps have become synonymous with the best of the best. Nationally and internationally …

Laura’s style is seriously loved by all!

And as you would expect, Laura’s website and blog are full of the prettiest of pretty. If you are at the Save The Date … or the Invitation point, you will want to take a look at all that Laura has available. Make the day uniquely YOURS  ~ make it a Laura Hooper design. And then send us your photos to share with all the wedding world!

all images courtesy of MiBelle Photography

ps … Laura’s  wood veneer invitation is one of my own personal favorites!

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