Do you know how ~ when you’re at a movie and it’s really spellbinding … and toward the end you become totally mesmerized ~ waiting.  And then there’s a crescendo that builds higher and higher until the final moment. You are full of emotion and drained of emotion. You just sit there. The entire theatre is quiet. No one moves. Everyone is wrapped up in their own thoughts while the impact of the ending soaks in.

That’s what Michelle and Michael’s Black Label film from Jeffrey and Julia Woods is like. Together with Andy Jackson at Portal Films, they are creating masterpieces. Seriously.

The images that you are seeing here, are integrated and melded seamlessly into a film that will tell you the story behind each photo.

It’s very clever. Very artistic. Totally memorable.

The film is 10 minutes long. It is worth each and every second of your time

Jeff & Julia Woods and Andy Jackson of Portal Films are wedding artists that travel everywhere … to capture your wedding with painstaking detail and vivid emotion!