Sorry … I just couldn’t help myself! This first photograph made me want to look up the lyrics to “Colors Of The Wind.” It’s one of the most awe-inspiring images I’ve ever seen!

This is the wedding of Veronica and Olivier as seen through the lenses of Andrew and Katrina ~ Sedona Bride

Olivier and Veronica are from Canada and were married in May in a unique American Indian ceremony.

I first saw these spectacular photographs on Katrina and Andrew’s blog back in July. Right around the time we featured a pretty terrific photoshoot they did with Phoenix Bride & Groom. They took my breath away then … and they still do now.

Earlier today, I talked about how much I love the colors of Sedona. It is such a majestic place ~ often described as the most beautiful spot in the country. Rich in history and rich in old American Indian traditions …

painting with all the colors of the wind is pretty much exactly what I feel that Andrew and Katrina do …

How could anyone NOT be humbled by this shot?

* * *

After their ceremony, Veronica and Olivier celebrated their marriage at a dear friend’s home … a very talented friend who just happens to design amazing cakes!

The stunning cake ~ from Andrea of Sedona Cake Couture

Catering by Fork In The Road Bistro

Earlier today I said that I should live in Sedona because I LOVE the natural bold colors that surround you day in and day out. Veronica and Olivier’s wedding and Sedona Bride’s imagery couldn’t be a more perfect example…

Veronica & Olivier’s full wedding slideshow  from Sedona Bride is filled with love, laughter and incomprehensible beauty!

Thank you Katrina and Andrew for sharing three such lovely weddings with us today!

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