Joe Simon Productions ~ December Wedding At The Barr Mansion
December 31, 2009
By: eddye
Winter Weddings

We ASKED our LBB cinematographers to send us their favorite clips from this past year. We are die-hard wedding video people. No kidding, right? After a week full of wedding films ... from simple and pretty to elegant and posh ... you have to know that!  Seriously.

ASKED Joe Simon to let us post this short December wedding film. Because, to me, this IS what "it" is all about. These two people, Amy and Chris, epitomize every couple out there. Their love, their spunk, their very being is ALL OVER this film. Not to mention their perfect dimples!

Joe Simon Productions

This film is a wee bit longer than the others we've shown you this week, but it's totally worth the extra load time. If this film doesn't bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eyes ... nothing will.

{Remember, click play then pause for about a minute to load; then play again!} A Short Film from Joe Simon Films on Vimeo.

As Joe said on his blog, you never know what a December wedding in Texas will have in store for you! Amy & Chris were married at St. Louis Catholic Church with a reception following at the Barr Mansion. Their wedding was filled with what EVERY wedding should have ... LOTS of huge smiles ... LOTS of family and fun ... LOTS of LOVE!

Congratulations and the very Happiest of New Year's to you, Amy & Chris.

You, too, Joe! {ps ... can't stop watching this one. Seriously!}