We just featured a few images from Allyson Magda’s engagement shoot with Julianne & Drew at Santa Margarita Ranch. While I was looking at her blog post on the shoot, I saw another post that got my interest. It’s about how she chooses a “word” each year that is significant in her life and in her work.

From Allyson’s blog
Each year I pick a word.  It’s a word that I want to implement more into my own little wonderland. It’s always interesting how it works it’s way out in my life ~ throughout the year.  One that keeps popping up for 2010 is AUTHENTICITY. I can’t help but think that it’s because it’s pretty important to be authentic in life, but also because I want my work to reveal the authenticity of people’s lives and relationships.

And then she asks, “I wonder how many people choose a word each year, I encourage you to do so….if you do, will you share it?”

For Allyson, and for all of us at Style Me Pretty, what would your “word of the year” be?

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