I kind of feel like this post should be over on Backstage! But since it’s not, here goes …

I was having a bit of a tough time getting into the holiday spirit. Lots of family stuff going on. Way backed up at work. (I’ve got a very understanding boss, though.)  I was looking for some serious winter inspiration (which would mean going into last years’ weddings) and I happened upon Beautiful Blooms’ blog.  And whoa! What I saw … Simple eloquent beauty … the absolute jump start that I really needed to remember how great it is to ‘deck my own halls’!

I literally stopped in my tracks and just smiled. One of those ah-ha- moments!

(photography by the fantastic Marie Labbancz)

After seeing these holiday arrangements from Beautiful Blooms, my juices are flowing and I’m ready to hit my local florist for bunches and bunches of lovelies! I KNOW I can’t even come close to creating the beauties that Donna does, but that’s not going to stop me! I love flowers. I love color. I have ALL SORTS of containers. I’m all set!

However … since this is the LBB blog and I’m supposed to be all about weddings, I should also say that I can totally see YOUR December wedding overflowing with these designs from Beautiful Blooms! Just imagine, rows and rows, or mini-clusters of simple, sentimental blooms in clever, colorful containers for centerpieces all over the place!

When I told Donna that her blog post was just what I needed today, she sent me a few more photos … here are a couple of shots from their Boutique (just around the corner from the design studio) …

Super cute, aren’t they?

You know, they kind of do it all now from design and decor to floral, draping, lighting and details. Honestly ~ you need to take a look!

Thanks Donna for my own one-on-one pick-me-up and for awakening the joy that I knew was deep down inside me! I DO love Christmas so much! We really hope to see more of your holiday delights in the next few weeks!!