My sister-in-law Jess literally goes crazy over anything that Ines Di Santos designs. Being one of the voices behind our Look Book, Jess has the sheer pleasure of working with tons of really talented designers and yet there is just something about Ines that really gets her. After seeing their 2010 Collection, it’s pretty easy to see why. Photographed by the loveable and ridiculously talented Matthew Grazier, feast your eyes…

Ines Di Santo

Ines Di Santo wedding gowns are always amazing. Always really high glam, really luxurious. But what I love the most about this season is the IN-FREAKING-CREDIBLE fabrics and detailing that she used. With European silks, embroidery, fabric rosettes, beading and trims…every design is a total work of art.

Ines Di Santo

There is so much texture built into every gown. You will see something new, something beautiful each and every time you look at one of these dresses. The layering of fabric, the ruffles, the hand sewn details. Ines just knows how to make a dress…a really beautiful, Haute Couture dress. And I am officially one of her faithful followers.

ines di santo

And do I really need to mention just how gorgeous the silhouettes are? Probably not, but humor me anyway. The silhouettes are RIDICULOUS. They are a dream, a total picture perfect dream. With tight fitting bodices and voluminous skirts, with teeny tiny cocktail dresses that are made of beading and crystal, with asymmetrical straps and sexy low backs…every dress has a body of it’s own.

Ines Di Santo

We are taking a little breather from these amazing gowns, as my dress hangover is in full effect. We’ll pick back up next week with even more works of art plus some pretty fabulous bridesmaid dresses. A HUGE, from the bottom of my heart thank you to Matthew Grazier for provided such incredible eye candy. We love you!

Oh and for those of you that are interested in seeing possibly the most original wedding I’ve ever seen…head on over to the Grazier’s blog. Think rock climbing in a wedding dress.

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